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Who delivers Android Lollipop first: Asus or Motorola?

Recently the Brazilian mobile market was shaken by the launch of Asus Zenfone 5, which delivers a cost-benefit similar to Motorola's Moto G, with good hardware specifications coupled with a lower price than its main competitor. The news was received by the community with some fear, but after 3 days of its launch Asus officially confirmed that its new smartphone will receive Android Lollipop. So she put an end to the only difference that separated her device from its rival and absolute leader in the category. Now the question is: Who arrives first: Asus or Motorola?

android lollipop teaser 01
Asus vs. Motorola: Who arrives first? / AndroidPIT


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Zenfone 5 Asus's only child in Brazil. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>In a note, Asus confirmed the arrival of Android Lollipop to Zenfone 5 in the first half of 2015, a fact that is confirmed in up to 8 months. Perhaps what made the manufacturer set a distant deadline is the need to adapt its Zen UI interface to the new version of Android, which already has a much modified design compared to previous versions. Even with the official confirmation of the manufacturer, users who purchase a Zenfone 5 and want to update, should be aware, as it is too early to take this fact as Asus is still new to the smartphone market.</p><div class=


moto g moto and back
Motorola queue starts at G and goes to X. / AndroidPIT

Motorola has in its favor the famous update history of its recent line of devices, with Moto G and Moto X being two excellent references for this feat. When it comes to the arrival of Lollipop to its devices, the company has not yet formalized any date on which the new system should appear on its Moto line.

Zen UI x Pure Android

One of the factors that most slows device upgrades is the need for manufacturers to adapt proprietary interfaces and their many functions to new versions of Android. Based on this, the likelihood that Lollipop will reach Motorola's larger devices as the company delivers the software very close to that designed by Google. Is this even a benefit? Well, when I tested Zenfone 5 I identified with the features of Zen UI that are really useful and that made me dispense with Google Now Launcher for the first time. Particularly I would like to receive Lollipop by Asus hands so that my experience would be the best possible with features that go beyond the software offered by Asus. Big g.

Zenfone 5 x Moto line

For all users of recent Motorola devices to receive Lollipop, it may take some time to exceed. That's because the company currently have to upgrade Moto E, Moto G 2013/2014, Moto X 2013/2014, totaling 5 devices. On the other hand, although it has its full featured proprietary interface, Asus should only update Zenfone 5 in Brazil, which shortens the work of its developer team by half when compared to Motorola. That is, if we take into account the range of pending devices to upgrade, and this is a determining factor for the spread of Lollipop among users of these two manufacturers, here we have a point in favor of Asus.

Now with you! Who arrives first: Asus or Motorola? Take our poll and leave your comments in the comments below.

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