White iPhone 4 problem would not be related to the camera

In a long story full of twists and turns, the Engadget today it sought to eliminate a myth: that the cause for the delay in the arrival of the white iPhone 4 would be somehow related to the quality of the images produced by your camera. This old rumor, but the most recent information that corroborates it came from none other than Steve Wozniak: there has to be some truth to it!

Fake white

Hmmm It doesn't seem to be the case. Woz himself denied knowing anything about the reasons why Apple postponed the launch of the iPhone 4 nveo; what the geek said was that your custom gadget produced strange images. The reason for this fact would be that the parts sold by Fei Lam and used to alter the iPhone's external appearance were probably counterfeit.

To summarize a long story: if the little piece that covers the camera lens is not genuine, the images are left with a kind of halo around shiny objects. With the real piece, however, everything is ok, even though the rest of the carcass is foul. How do you know the saving little piece is hot? It should be brushed in a circular pattern. And the glass? It must pass the drop of water test the true oleophobic coating does not break the surface tension.

Only do not do these tests without the supervision of a trained adult: one involves dismantling the iPhone, the other involves wetting it. I don't know which of the two violates the warranty anymore.