Which smartphones have the highest resale value?

iPhone still the best choice

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Old iPhones like 6 have great resale value / Apple
<p>At the risk of being virtually stoned by readers, there is no way to cite Apple devices on that list. And I mean Apple products, not just iPhone, because any object with the apple always retained the best resale prices. Try buying a 2011 MacBook Air, a well-lagged machine, and you won't find it for under $ 2000.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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The iPhone 4S that conquered Brazilians for $ 1000 at one time, a device also from 2011 and still sold today by weight on used sites. In Mercado Livre I found more than 2000 units for sale, against 59 of the Galaxy S2, competitor of the time.

Because it sells well: Apple has always had a lean line, and this helps to increase support and quality of devices. Plus, we all know that having an Apple product is a status symbol, and people buy more from having one of these than from the system. The opportunity for many people is to buy a used one.

Samsung the most valuable Android in Brazil

AndroidPIT Samsung NOTE 8 GOLD 4391
Galaxy Note: You do not get back all the money, but much of it on resale / AndroidPIT

We talk about the Galaxy S2 versus the iPhone 4S, but Samsung is one of the few that also retains good resale value, depending on the line you bought and how long after the launch you spent your money. Of course, the Note, S and A lines are the best, because you also paid good money for them.

The tip is to wait a few weeks before purchasing the last release. It's a touch that goes for everyone, but Samsung itself has launched very expensive products, which will lose $ 500 of its total price in a short time. And for a good resale, it is also important to have paid a good price on the device.

The J line, being more popular, quickly loses value in both the retail and used car markets. Its price is already relatively lower, and the percentage that is worth at the time of resale is lower, precisely because there are already better options in new appliances.

Imported are good options not to lose money

AndroidPIT oneplus 5t sandstone front
You can even recoup your expenses on devices like OnePlus / AndroidPIT

Those who choose to take a risk and buy an imported device in Chinese stores or when traveling to other countries are rewarded. Waiting for more than a month for your device may be one of the best reselling options.

As imports are generally cheaper than appliances sold in Brazil, it is not difficult to recover their full amount spent at the time of resale. If the device is relatively new and well maintained, it can sell for the same price you paid for the purchase.

This is because many people prefer not to risk this kind of purchase, do not travel abroad, do not trust Chinese websites and do not want to wait indefinitely to have their mobile phone, which can still rise in price when it is taxed. Thus, it is safer to buy from those who already have in Brazil, even if paying a little more for it.

Taking the famous OnePlus 5T as an example, it sells for up to $ 2,750 on a popular Chinese website. In Brazil, the same device, with 8 GB of RAM and 120 GG of ROM, labeled as used by the seller, can be found for prices of up to R $ 3,400.

Well maintained appliances

DSC 3170
If in good condition and with accessories, the resale value of a used goes up / AndroidPIT

But no matter what brand your phone is, some things are inherent in resale value. While a broken-screen iPhone may still be worth much more than an LG in the same condition, good-looking smartphones add up.

You may not like cases and films very much, but at the time of resale there is a lot of handset with few or no scratches on the screen and no signs of chipping on the body. Sometimes we sell a cell phone just because it's in trouble, but if that's not the case, well-cared for it will be worth more.

And the same goes for the original accessories like headphones and cables. Having the invoice, when national or bought in store abroad, also helps. Smartphone without any accessory smells the stolen thing, even not being.

Motorola, LG, Asus, Sony and others

In the case of these other brands, usually depends more on the previous item, the good maintenance of the device, than the brand or model itself. Extra accessories may help, but also depend on the type.

Sony has already had a better resale price, but its retail value is very high, so demand is low for both new and used. LG is known for sharply lowering the value of its products shortly after the launch, and Motorola is very popular, selling a lot, so much more supply than demand, dropping prices as well.

androidpit zenfone 3
Depending on the model, Zenfones may have a reasonable value / Adrenaline.

Asus is another one that has already had a great resale price, but as its smartphones are now more expensive since the launch, the percentage is no longer the same as Zenfone 2's times. On the other hand, Sony and LG are among those most devalue themselves.

Items like cases and films are worth virtually nothing unless they are from better known brands like Spigen or Otter. Motorola snaps certainly add in price, but only for those looking for these accessories specifically.

Quick Tips to Resell Well

  • Offer with the device, whenever possible, cashier with accessories and invoice
  • Research the price of a new one if it still sells and try to offer a below average price. If it is equipped with extras, surely that price can rise
  • In the ad, offer real photos of the device, show possible defects and report that the price has already been set up thinking about it
  • Brazilian on the internet likes to haggle. Keep this in mind when thinking about selling price

For you, what are the best devices for resale?

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