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Which of the new iPhones and Watches will work with the Brazilian 4G? [atualizado]

The iPhones Xs and Xs Max They are already among us, but Apple has not commented an important detail in the presentation of the new models: unlike previous generations of the iPhone, the new devices will be sold in single model in the United States this, we will not have two different versions, with support for LTE frequencies and bands different depending on your carrier, as with all models up to iPhone 8.

With that, the question is: will the new iPhones bought in the US or the rest of the world work on Brazilian 4G networks? As much as the official answer has not yet arrived (Apple, after all, has not yet included Brazil in the list of countries of each model), we can already paint a picture of the situation.

IPhone Xs line with the three colors

We USA (and in Canada), only models A1920 (iPhone Xs) and A1921 (iPhone Xs Max) will be sold, in GSM and CDMA versions. These versions support band 7 2,600MHz LTE, which is the most used in Brazil today. However, they at the bring support band 28, 700MHz APT, which is the new network released to the Brazilian 4G (it was previously occupied by the analogue TV signal) and is being rapidly adopted by operators.

Here is an addendum: 4G of band 28 has greater range and more stability and therefore the tendency for operators to use this band more and more instead of the old band 7; Several cities in Brazil have already made or are transitioning to the new frequency. That is, if you buy your iPhone Xs or Xs Max in the US, you may not have access to 4G in Brazil in some regions or you may have your access cut (too much?) In the future.

The models that work fully with the Brazilian 4G are the Europeans: A2097 (Xs) and A2101 (Xs Max), which support both 7 band and 28 band. That is, if you can afford to choose where to buy your brand new iPhone, cross the Atlantic instead of making it. it on US lands. Other countries, such as Australia and India, we will also receive these models and most likely they will land in Brazil, too.

Models A2098 (Xs) and A2102 (Xs Max), sold exclusively on the Japan, also support the two bands of the Brazilian 4G. J models A2100 (Xs) and A2104 (Xs Max), sold exclusively on China, have the same limitation of American models, supporting only band 7 in Brazil.

It is good to note that we still do not have information regarding iPhone Xr, which had no specifications released by Apple and hit the market about a month later. When they are released, we will warn you all, of course.

What about Apple Watch?

With regard to Ma watches, the situation remains unchanged from the Series 3, as this Apple page shows. The models A1975 (40mm) and A1976 (44mm), sold in USA and in Canada, do not support band 7 or band 28 and are therefore totally incompatible with the Brazilian 4G.

Apple Watch Series 4 Water Dial

Models sold at Europe, at China and in Japan (and should arrive here when the Series 4 lands on national land) are the A2007 (40mm) and the A2008 (44mm); These bring support band 7, but nothing done with band 28, newer that is, even they will have difficulties connecting in some locations in Brazil. what we have for today, however.

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All this said, it is always worth remembering that, regardless of which model of iPhone purchased is anywhere in the world, Apple supports it in Brazil even if it is incompatible (or partially compatible) with national 4G networks. The warranty and AppleCare are usually valid here and you can use all the features of your smartphone normally, even if you eventually cannot connect to the national LTE.

The same rule applies to Apple Watch, with one important exception: As we have already noted, Apple does not yet support the LTE model of the American / Canadian watch here and its warranty is not covered nationwide. So think carefully before investing your rich money in the device you buy there in North America.

It's always good to be aware of these details, however after all, it's unpleasant to arrive on the road and notice that an important feature of your new gadget is missing, isn't it?

Update by Rafael Fischmann 09/14/2018 s 10:30

THE Apple Brazil He said today that he would exchange American iPhones for Brazilian models, if the customer has difficulties with the 4G connection in national territory because of this.