Which? claims Apple overestimates iPhones batteries by ~ 31%

Which? claims Apple overestimates iPhones batteries by ~ 31%

In September last year, we conducted a survey that possibly reflects all of the opinions of iPhone users. With over a third of the responses, nearly 1,700 survey respondents said they wanted more battery in the new generation before any other news.

Well, Apple somehow fulfilled that wish. It's hard to see any owner of iPhone XS Max (much praised) or, even better, iPhone XR (the benchmarks don't deny) complaining about battery. Regarding the iPhone XS, we still cannot say the same although it has improved.

But Apple can still improve a lot in this regard, and we have to hope for rumors like this to be hot. However, worse than not putting larger batteries in iPhones, promising such autonomy is don't stick to it. And according to a study by Which?That's exactly what Apple is doing.

Smartphone Battery Comparison - Which?

As the graph above shows, Apple has overestimated iPhones batteries in a 31% average reaching 51% (!) in the case of iPhone XR. In the most optimistic spectrum of all, the Which? said Apple still overestimates by 18%.

HTC also promises a little more than it does, but surprisingly Nokia, Samsung and Sony make even conservative estimates. Tests of Which? With the Xperia Z5 indicated that Sony promises almost nine hours (!) less autonomy for it compared to reality, amazing.

I do not doubt very much the conclusions of Which?but I wonder why she didn't specify the methodology of her tests. This is very important for us to understand how it came to these numbers, and even to help the manufacturers themselves.

Apple agrees with this:

We rigorously test our products and keep our promises of battery life. With tight integration between hardware and software, iPhone is built to intelligently manage power usage and maximize battery life. Our testing methodology reflects this intelligence. THE Which? You didn't share your methodology with us, so we can't compare their results with ours. We share our testing methodology, which we publish in detail here.

Still, no wonder Apple offers versions of the Smart Battery Case for all three models. flagship current. 🤷🏼‍♂️

via Business Insider