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Swampy is a very special crocodile: he loves swimming, but not in a river. In fact, he likes a bathtub. The problem: the plumbing does not work as a conventional water source. Swampy behaves correctly in relation to the environment and prefers to use underground water, which must be removed first. Your mission will help you and for that you should play Where's My Water?

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.0.4Root: SimMods: MCR

In Where's My Water? Your goal is to make the water path clear in the pipeline to the crocodile. From the beginning, everything is very easy: touch the sand spots you want to dig in, and gather as many rubber ducks as you can. The faster you go, the less water you waste.

The problem is that walls partially intercept their path, making their mission difficult. There are situations where water must flow down different paths. This makes it easier for you to collect ducklings. Be aware that running water can come into contact with poisoned liquids. Consequently, the water will also become poisoned and this can be detrimental to the Swampy Crocodile.

Plants can also represent an obstacle. They begin to grow and make it difficult for water to pass through. You can move some blocks by filling the locking mechanism with water. For this you can use a water jet pump.

In short, the game, as I said, is very simple. There are often times that you must lead the water to your goal through real mazes. Does that mean Where's My Water? it takes at least a little of your thinking, which makes the adventure even more fun. That is, as simple as the goal of the game is, the need to use the brain to play it makes it very interesting.

In all, the game contains 140 levels in seven different locations. Paying more EUR0.75, you get 40 more levels and a new story for the game.


Where's My Water? It's one of those very well made games that addict to the same level as an Angry Birds of life. No wonder the game is one of the most purchased on the Market.

Screen & Controls

Despite Where's My Water? Being "only" in 2D, it really has very interesting graphics. There is animation throughout the game, not to mention that the drawings are very well made.

The controls are very easy and intuitive. There is something that could be improved. To scroll the screen to a certain level, you need to do so by means of a bar at the left of the screen. That is, you cannot move the screen just by touching your fingers on it. It is undoubtedly a failure, although it does not call into question the good quality of the game.

Speed ​​& Stability

Where's My Water? not the shortest. Undoubtedly something that could be improved. In terms of stability, we cannot complain at all!

Price / Performance Ratio

Where's My Water? It only costs EUR0.75. Very good price considering that the game has 140 levels. Another EUR0.75 is required to have another 40 levels, which look different and function differently.