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Where’s AirPower? What about the second generation of AirPods?

The Apple event passed, new iPhones (Xr, Xs and Xs Max) were launched, the Apple Watch Series 4 showed up ? but something was missing. It?s been a year since Apple introduced the AirPower and absolutely * nothing * of the wireless charging base for iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods (more on it, soon) has been commented on by the company.

AirPower charging base with iPhone X Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods

Okay, Apple can go wrong. It is run by humans and we, as always, are susceptible to failure. But after the AirPods and HomePod?s delay (just to focus on the latest products that hit the market well after promised), no one would have guessed that she would make the same mistake again. Well, not only did he commit it, it got even worse now, since 12 months have passed and the company has so far ignored the product and has given no explanation for the case.

It doesn?t matter if we?re talking about a revolutionary product, capable of recharging wireless devices at exorbitant speeds (which I doubt it is), or if we?re talking ?only? about a product that is more difficult to create and manufacture since all its The surface should provide contact for the device to be charged ? whereas for other accessories of this type, you usually need to position the device in the center so that it can be recharged. Apple should have thought of that when introducing the product for the first time. If it was unfinished, why show it to the world? The company boasts so much about not commenting on its projects and products that are still under development, but it goes there and does the exact opposite with AirPower.

Finally, in order not to show what it lacks, Apple basically decided to remove any AirPower references from its website. The only place where you can still find an image of this accessory is on the AirPods page, as you noticed 9to5Mac.

What about AirPods?

To complete, we also have the case of AirPods. Apple has already promised the public at least one new case with wireless charging capability ? just to be used with AirPower. Whether this case will be sold separately, will it come with AirPods overnight or if it will only be sold with the second generation of AirPods, no one knows. But it doesn?t really matter. Again, here, Apple showed the public an accessory a year ago and so far has failed to put it on the market.

See that she speaks ?Hey Siri? and interact with the assistant through AirPods, without touching him

To make matters worse, in the opening video of today?s special event (very good, by the way), we saw an ?employee? saying ?Hey, Siri? and being promptly answered ? all using AirPods to communicate with the assistant . Such a feature ? along with a noise cancellation system ? is expected for the second generation of AirPods. And then I ask: how can the company show this and, again, not comment on anything about the accessory?

I?m sorry, Apple, but you were better at this?