“Where to Supply” application indicates gas station prices directly on the iPhone or iPod touch

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The quality of Brazilian apps is really reaching a great level.

A utility that was missing in Brazil has just been published on the App Store. From the same creators of the great iList Touch, Technology Village brings to the Brazilian public the country’s first fuel price search engine: Where to Supply.

Where to Supply

With it you can find the price of fuel from service stations near you, so you can always choose the most economical. There are already some similar ones abroad, but this is the first that covers the national territory.

Where to Supply?

ANPIt is the most complete source of prices in this category in Brazil, with a list updated weekly based on the Weekly Fuel Price Survey, released by the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP). Its database has information from more than 500 cities across the country.

It identifies the nearest stations through the user’s location (made by GPS or the triangulation of antennas). But the great advantage of it is that it stores the information in a cache, thus allowing it to be easily used on an iPod touch or even on the iPhone, without consuming bandwidth traffic. You upload the information before leaving home (with your wi-fi) and then you can use it offline in the biggest economy. That is, it is an application to help you save money in every way. ?

GeolocationList of states, cities and neighborhoods

Whenever the application is opened, it makes an internet query to update the price base, if it has been updated. When choosing the “Work offline”In the settings, it will not connect and use the information stored in memory.

Price listsettings

In addition to geolocation, it also has a list where the user can check prices in other parts of the city or even in another state. It also allows several intelligent ways of ordering the posts found. You can choose to sort your list of stations by the lowest price of the selected fuel (alcohol, gasoline, diesel, CNG or Flex), and also group the stations by neighborhood, thus viewing the lowest price in each neighborhood.

To reward those who read the text carefully, today the drawing will be different. The first 5 who post in the comments of this article the phrase “This is a national launch of the iPhone Blog!“, They will take a promotional code for the application. ?

A very interesting function is to suggest the best fuel, if your car is a Flex type. It analyzes the price and, depending on the consumption of your car, indicates whether it is better to add alcohol or gasoline. Very cool.

Post detailsFuel suggestion

When selecting a station, you get detailed information about it, and you can even trace a route from where you are to it, in addition to address, name and brand. I thought I could have the phone number of the post, so I could make the call with just one touch. But after all, I don’t think anyone cares about the gas station… ?

Station map

Really a Brazilian application of great quality, which brings the user an important utility for everyday life. With it, you can make good savings.

THE Where to Supply is available on the Brazilian App Store (and others too) and can be purchased for the price of $ 4.99 (less than 10 reais). If I were you, I would take advantage of this good fall in the dollar and already guarantee mine, because with it you will be able to make beautiful savings. ?

To learn more about Aldeia Tecnologia, you can access its website.