Where to Invite: Know which smartphones are on sale near you

Online stores offer lots of interesting promos, however, many users still prefer to personally test a new smartphone or tablet before purchase. If you are one of those people who prefers to buy traditional fashion, then it is time to meet the "AondeConvem" app. With him, your shopping trips will be more fruitful.

Functions & Usage

Using AondeConvem is quite simple, as you simply have to activate your phone's location services to search for malls, stores and markets that have real-time promotions. The main screen displays offers on highlights and their categories, where the user can make a more refined search of their interests.

When opening the app for the first time, some screens are displayed teaching the user how to use AondeConvem. Then you can set the priority of the type of promotion you wish to receive.

androidpit aondeconvem main app
Aonde Start ScreensInvite / AndroidPIT


By clicking on the side menu and selecting the option "Store", you can choose the type of product you want to find. The options are varied, such as beauty and health items, consumer electronics, supermarkets and clothing. By selecting the desired option, a list of nearby store names will be displayed.

Just click on the desired store and a map will be opened with addresses and their opening hours. If you are looking for a store that is open at any given time, simply click on the magic wand icon that appears below the store map and search by day of the week and time range.

androidpit aondeconvive stores
Shops around and filter with opening hours / AndroidPIT

Purchase Alert

AondeConvem sends daily notifications with new offers that are available near you. If you are using Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you must allow alerts to be sent through the OS notification system. Basically, this tab raises alerts you viewed and those that were recently viewed.

androidpit still alerts
Aonde Alert SystemConvem / AndroidPIT


If searching for stores is complicated for you, be aware that you can view offers for specific products. On the "Offers" tab, advertisers sign up for specific products, accompanied by value, store address, and promotion brochure.

In addition, it is possible to see to which day the promotion is valid, which avoids unpleasant surprises. Newer promotions receive a flag that indicates they are new.

androidpit also offers
Aonde OffersConvem / AndroidPIT

Sticky notes

Any offer or flyer you see can be saved in the "Reminders" tab. With this option it is not possible to set a reminder accompanied by an alert, but basically this feature saves the user's favorite offers in a special tab.

androidpit still reminds you
Tab with saved reminders / AndroidPIT

Screen & Controls

The AondeConvem interface could be more intuitive and organized, has many ads, which appear in full screen – with audio and video – and others that are displayed in the footer of the app. However, the app was released on the Play Store in December 2015, meaning it is currently undergoing improvements.

I believe AondeConvem developers will improve the app's interface so that it is more adapted to Material Design.

androidpit aondeconvem banner
AondeConvem main interface and side menu / AndroidPIT

All available functions can be accessed through the app's side menu. Screens display the same options in the upper right corner, such as "map", "view grid promo brochures", "share" and "add to reminders".

Speed ​​& Stability

I didn't notice any slowdowns or crashes during my AondeConvem tests. The operation of the app depends solely on the internet connection and the location services. If your Wi-Fi or 3G signal is good, as well as your device's GPS, the app works without any problems.

When opening the app with internet disabled, an error message is displayed for the user to reload the information by activating the data connection. Thus, you can consult only your reminders, since AondeConvem does not work without internet.

Price / Performance Ratio

AondeConvem is a free application, with ads and without selling private data or internal purchases. Because the app offers offers and makes the process of choosing a product more convenient and non-profit, I can say that the value for money is very interesting.

Final Verdict

According to AondeConvem developers, approximately 400 stores are registered in the application and offer new offers daily. In general, major retailers and major market chains are present in the app, such as Casas Bahia and Lojas Americanas, for example.

Thus, the possibilities of the user to find offers close to his home are greater, since these stores are present in several Brazilian cities and states. The amount of advertisements and offers may vary, but, let's face it, AondeConvem makes the buying process more enjoyable and replaces those gifts brochures that we always end up picking up at store doors.

What did you think of AondeConvem? Do you usually buy products over the internet or still prefer to go to the store personally?

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