Where did the Bluetooth icon go in iOS 12?

Since the iOS 12 launched, many iPhone users have complained that the Bluetooth icon just disappeared, with some even thinking that the device stopped connecting after the update.

In fact, this is not a bug or connection problem, just a layout change adopted by Apple. We will explain here in this article how to understand whether or not Bluetooth is active on your device.

The change affects both new iPhone users and Touch ID models. On iPhone X, the icon appeared at the top when you pulled the Control Center, but with iOS 12 it doesn’t appear anymore.

On the iPad and iPod that received iOS 12, the icon also disappeared from the top of the screen.

But the interesting thing is that, if you have a Bluetooth headset connected, its symbol will appear at the top of the screen. This has not changed anything.

The connected headset icon appears at the top of the screen

What is the solution?

If you are one of those who would like to have the Bluetooth symbol back at the top of the screen when it is enabled, I am sorry to tell you that there is no way to put it back. Apple just doesn’t allow it anymore.

She may change her mind in the future, but for the moment, this is how it works.

How to check if Bluetooth is connected?

To find out if the Bluetooth connection is active on your device, simply open the Control Center on your iPhone. If the Bluetooth button is blue, it is because it is active.

Control Center: Bluetooth button

Check out a short video with a summary of what we just talked about:

To turn Bluetooth off completely, you need to go to Settings the system and disable the function.

So, if you miss the Bluetooth icon in the status bar, know that it is not a problem with your device but a change in system behavior. Can Apple ever go back? Yes, it is possible, just like you did with the decision to change keys on the iPad’s virtual keyboard, which bothered many. But this is very rare.

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