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Where can Extreme Road Trip 2 take you?

I have always been interested in games involving cars and speed. As a kid, whenever I saw Ayrton Senna racing F1, I asked my dad to give me a go-kart. However, it is worth noting that there is a mismatch between my judgment of driveability and the sensitivity of racing game controls. When I downloaded the Extreme Road Trip 2I was sure I could overcome this limitation, as the game seemed to have no problems with sensitive controls and difficulties of the genre. Mere mistake! Despite the simple graphics, this game requires a lot of coordination, quick thinking and misunderstanding..

The background of the game is the fear of every urban driver: having the gas pedal stuck and having to drive a runaway car and speeding. Without limits, you will hit whatever comes up ahead. The idea is to collect as many coins as possible along the way, so you will have the money to buy faster and more powerful cars to make the adventure even more exciting.

Extreme Road Trip 2 Specifications on Play Store:

  • Unlock cars as game levels evolve
  • 24 cars
  • Complete missions for rewards and new cars
  • Heels, rocking horses, beats and other stunts
  • Play races with your friends
  • Big explosions
  • 7 scenarios
  • Extra powers like m for currency
  • Original soundtrack
  • Facebook Shared Results


The game design is simple, there are no great graphics or amazing effects. This is not a negative criticism, on the contrary, for those who do not have 64G of memory on the mobile device, this game is perfect for a hobby with some adrenaline. Thus, the fact that the design is not full of fussiness, left the game with only 19MB (21MB).

As specified above, the game has seven scenarios that appear randomly. Already in the first phase, when you are getting used to this game for Android, the seven locations can be used. However, as having to concentrate to use the controls and try not to blow up the car demands a lot from the player – you already know why – it is almost impossible to pay attention to the details of the background.

Excessive advertising bothered a little, just one wrong click and l come to the developer to recommend other games.

Controls and Gameplay

The sense of the game is to surpass levels and get the most coins to trade for more powerful cars. By completing the missions, depending on the score achieved, you will receive rewards that will help you reach the ultimate goal: more cars!

At first, the controls were a little boring to understand, in fact, it took me a long time to figure out what to do, because I get a little out of patience with controls tutorials for the game, because I believe that above all they should be intuitive. However, after exploding more than ten times and unable to complete the tests, I went behind the tutorial:

1. Your pedal is stuck, try to go as far as you can before you hit:

2. Press left and right to rock your car. Take it easy, don't squeeze it for a long time:

3. Power-up tricks: Land with all four wheels at the same time after a stunt for extra thrust:

4. Press left and right down at the same time and fall on two wheels: hit the key with both wheels to achieve perfect speed control:

Numbers 3 and 4 are the key to success in the game. Once you have mastered the controls, the game starts to make sense and becomes interesting.

If you are looking for a car game and speed but don't have much space or a mega processor, this game may be what you are looking for. I played Extreme Road Trip 2 on an HTC Desire HD, running Android 2.3, and there were only two or three bugs in three days of use.

To download the game from Roofdog, click the following link:

Download Extreme Road Trip 2

Images: Google Play Store

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