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When it comes to conversion, iOS is still way ahead of Android

Everyone knows that Android today has a much larger market share than the iOS. Why, then, do developers and companies continue to prioritize the Apple platform in almost every way?

This graph of IBM shows the reason well:

Black Friday chart in the USA

Despite being focused on the American market, the graph shows how, even in a smaller number, iOS manages to be more important at the time of the famous convert. What we see above an online shopping performance in sexta-feira Negra made by users using the two most famous mobile platforms in the world.

IOS wins in almost every way, with the exception of average page views. or not incredible to think that, of all online purchases made in the US last Friday, practically 22% of them were performed on iPads and iPhones / iPods touch?

Black Friday chart in the USA

As a curiosity, this other graph shows a minute-by-minute comparison of purchases made in sexta-feira Negra of the last three years in 2014, sales rose 9.5%.

(via Fortune)