When GTA and Asian MMO go hand in hand …

Auto Theft Gangsters

The uncontrolled exploit of Asian MMO’s in the Android ecosystem is causing us to occasionally encounter crazy things like this.

While screenshots of Auto Theft Gangsters can lead us astray, the truth is that we are facing a massive online RPG more than a western sandbox, although there are still certain points in common between both proposals.

Imagine that you put a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) skin in Lineage II.

It’s as crazy as it looks.

  Auto Theft Gangsters

All the characteristic elements of the genre are adapted to a “modern age” environment with greater or lesser accuracy.

At the beginning there are three different character profiles centered on melee, street fighting and firearms, but later we can specialize them.

The bulk of the progression is overcoming simple missions that will make us wander around urban maps as we enter a spiral of statistics, crafting and grinding typical of Asian MMO.

All set in a current era, in this case.

  Auto Theft Gangsters

Obviously they adapted a lot of things, but this is precisely the charm of the game.

Without going too far, the inevitable mounts that would otherwise be imposing horses, here are miniature convertible cars that advance awkwardly through the scenarios.

And precisely speaking of cars, to generate a feeling of greater amplitude, every time we can participate in races with vehicles separate from the standard map, practically becoming a different game.

Auto Theft Gangsters will no longer enter the history of Android games, but it will certainly cause smiles on the curious and maybe hook the Asian MMO’s assiduous.

Auto Theft Gangsters for Android at Uptodown [APK] | Download