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When does Google Play offer carrier credit payments in the country?

The option has not yet reached the Brazilian market, but Google Play already offers the possibility of payment through the operators' credits in other regions, such as India. This way, Indians can now buy apps, books, music or rent movies using their phone bill balance. It's in Brazil?

According to the website MediaAMA, India has joined the list of countries where Google offers yet another payment service in the Android store: through direct billing via mobile operator. The option appears just below the store credit cards and is valid for prepaid and postpaid plan users. Still according to the channel, this decision will benefit more than 240 million store users in that country.

In order to be able to offer such an option, carriers and Google entered into an agreement as a result of a debate that began in 2012. This option came from the need to offer more options to non-credit card users.

This is also a problem we see in Brazil, and Google has, over the years, been trying to change that, as when it introduced the gift card purchase option. Incidentally, even the debit card offered as a payment option in the national Play Store, but the problem is that in this mode, the user can register only the Elo flag cards. That is, the offer is still somewhat restricted.

Thus, many users ask for the integration of payment of apps and other content via the carrier's invoice. However, Google cannot tell when and if this service will be available to Brazilians.

In contact with the press office of BIG G in Brazil, I was not told anything about the possible offer of another payment option in the store. What a shame, because the fact that many smartphone owners in the country do not have access to Play Store gift cards, credit or debit, means that they end up downloading paid apps from pirate websites, endangering their own security.

However, offering this service is not only in the hands of Google, but also in the telecommunications industry, which is apparently not working hard to make this option a reality. In addition, telephone companies should offer such an option not only to Google, but any other company providing such services, such as the Apple Store in Brazil, thus ensuring net neutrality.

Do you think the option of paying through direct billing via mobile carrier would make more people download music and apps legally in Brazil?