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When blocked on Instagram: users complain about app problem | Social networks

Instagram is sending the message "blocked" and preventing people from performing activities on the profile without clear reason, according to reports from Brazilians on Twitter. The warning displayed after advancing many Stories in a row on the social network. Complaints indicate that accounts are temporarily blocked until Sunday (14), and users are not allowed to view Stories from either contacts they follow or not. DownDetector, the website that reports bug reports on digital services, indicates that the problem with Instagram is mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom, besides Brazil.

Users suppose it is a bug, as many claim to make use of automated action apps to gain likes and followers (practice prohibited by the social network). On Twitter, all complaints report that the account is locked until the same date: next Sunday. In response to TechTudo, Instagram claims to be investigating the error. The cause of the block and how to solve it is unknown.

When blocked on Instagram: See tips to solve

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The official reasons for blocked action on Instagram are based on the use of third-party activity automation applications such as like, follow and comment. This is a common practice for users who plan to get large numbers of followers and likes unnaturally, which is prohibited by Instagram. However, there are reports of people who were blocked despite having enjoyed and followed other accounts organically.

However, this case results in a larger number of people claiming not to use external apps. In addition, most Twitter reports indicate that blocked action was activated while skipping Stories on Instagram, and prevented the user from watching posts from any of the following profile profiles or on Sunday.

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