WhatsAppMD also comes to an end

After WhatsApp Plus comes to an end, now WhatsAppMD's turn is down. WhatsAppMD developer Joaquin Cuitio said on the WhatsAppMD Development community Google+ page that he has made a deal with WhatsApp lawyers, and that both the project and the community will be terminated.

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WhatsAppMD: The End of the Android-Optimized Alternative Lollipop./ ANDROIDPIT

The end of WhatsAppMD is part of WhatsApp's campaign to terminate the use of any unofficial application that uses the original application code. On the community page, Cuitio thanked him for his support and said he is still working on other projects. He still provided the new community link where such projects will be discussed, but pointed out that the page has no relation to "WhatsApp or another service owned by Facebook":

I am about to reach an agreement with WhatsApp lawyers; I need to sign a document and they will give me my bills back; Of course this means I will need to remove this community (…). See you there, and hope you enjoyed it while it lasted!

What did you think about the end of WhatsAppMD? Did you use the service? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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