WhatsApp will show you the middle finger for you

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What would our life be without emoticons? They are always present at the best of times, those when we have no words to express ourselves, or rather the classic instant when a picture is worth a thousand words. WhatsApp emoticons are among the most famous, so users of this messaging app will rejoice to know that the catalog will expand, including the middle finger and the Vulcan Star Trek greeting.

The new emoticons arrive in July. Its about 250 new emojis, which may also be used in messaging applications other than WhatsApp. The extension is being made by the Unicode Consortium, which is in charge of creating the standard character codes. In the published table we can see all known and new emoticons, highlighted in yellow.

Among the new features are the aforementioned middle finger, a dove of peace and a floppy disk, a mouse, a cassette tape, a spider and religious symbols.

What did you think of the new emoticons? Now you can be bolder, right?

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