WhatsApp will let you protect conversations with Touch / Face ID

It's one thing that I still don't know why the WhatsApp Messenger not yet implemented: protection of conversations by Touch / Face ID. Biometric protection for conversations was undoubtedly much desired by many users and now in the version 2.19.20 (which is still in the thesis phase), such a feature has been implemented!

I am part of the WhatsApp testing program but, interestingly enough, the version available to me on TestFlight (Apple's testing application distribution platform) is still at 2.19.11; the reader Cadu Fernandes, however, received the new version and shared some images of the working feature:

When it's released to everyone, just go to Settings Account Privacy Face ID and activate the option, choosing whether you want the feature to go live immediately after one minute, five minutes, or an hour.

Those who use Telegram should know that the messenger also has such a feature for some time; however, its operation is somewhat different since there is no “Immediate” option, for example.

It is also worth remembering that the iOS 12 has greatly improved the privacy of notifications by allowing them not to show the content of the message itself, as we talked about in this article / video above. 😉

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