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WhatsApp: Which carrier offers the best plan without discount on internet franchise?

Some carriers have decided to cease fire and partner with the world's most widely used instant messenger, WhatsApp. The new modalities of plans offer messaging and multimedia content at no additional cost to the user, as well as uninterrupted daily franchise for use by WhatsApp. We compare the best plans with WhatsApp willing to find out which one really delivers what it promised. Check it out below.

Which carriers offer WhatsApp with special franchise?

Currently, only two operators market WhatsApp plans with no discount on the internet franchise. Claro and TIM are the only companies that offer this possibility to their prepaid customers. Hi and Nextel work with a variety of promotional data packages for daily or weekly use, however, none of them include WhatsApp specifically.

Vivo, in turn, is the most resistant and offers no internet plans aimed at using WhatsApp. As we reported here on AndroidPIT, Telefonica President Amos Genish stated that WhatsApp works as a clandestine operator in Brazil. So if you are looking for a plan with WhatsApp at Vivo, you have to wait a long time for the carrier to change its talkative opinion about the service.

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WhatsApp without discount on internet franchise./ ANDROIDPIT

Our comparison will be made between Claro's Turbinada Internet plan (prepaid / control) and TIM's Infinity Turbo WhatsApp (prepaid). Initially, the user will have to pay to use the mobile internet on their device (3G / 4G), however, the charge is made by Claro would say, while TIM's plan is charged monthly. Both operators promise uninterrupted use of WhatsApp without discount on the user-acquired internet franchise, but with some restrictions. Check the table below for the complete comparison between the plans:

Turbined Internet (Of course)
Infinity Turbo WhatsApp (TIM)


WhatsApp Franchise

Internet Franchise

3G internet speed

4G internet maximum speed

Upload speed

Adhesion Fee

Sending / Receiving Photos

Sending / Receiving Videos

Text messaging

Sending / Receiving Voice Recording

WhatsApp Web

VoIP calls

Open external links

Daily Monthly
$ 0.99 $ 12
50 MB daily 50 MB daily
15 MB daily 50 MB monthly
1 Mbps 1 Mbps
5 Mbps 5 Mbps
512 Kbps 100 Kbps
Don't have Don't have
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
At the At the
At the At the
At the At the

WhatsApp without discount on internet franchise: Conclusion

Both plans offer a separate franchise for internet use (browsing + social networking), and another for exclusive use of WhatsApp (50 MB). However, the Claro user has the option of hiring three different franchises for daily internet consumption: R $ 0.99 (15 MB), R $ 1.29 (30MB) and R $ 1.99 (50MB). The plan offered by TIM delivers 50MB of internet for 30 calendar days, which may be little for users who use email and access websites and external content. In addition, if the user exceeds 50MB per month included in TIM's R $ 12.00 plan, the internet will be suspended and a new single package must be contracted.

Thus we can conclude that both packages are similar. Claro's plan is suitable for those looking to use WhatsApp on a daily basis, as well as greater flexibility to choose the daily internet franchise that best suits their needs. TIM's plan is for users who do not care so much about Internet browsing, and are looking for an economical option to use WhatsApp specifically.

And which plan did you find most advantageous?

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