WhatsApp What's New: 15 Features The App Should Have

WhatsApp is still one of the most used chat apps in the world. But that doesn't mean he's the best or the one with the most features. In fact, there are many features that it does not have compared to its competitors. What's new in WhatsApp is presented much slower, which makes the app seem a little stuck in time sometimes.

That's why we've listed some of the WhatsApp news that the app really should have for now. If you're curious, just check out our detailed list below!

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1. Standalone web / desktop version

whatsapp web news

It's great to use WhatsApp on your smartphone, but it's still weird that there are no other versions of the app that work independently. Currently you can only use WhatsApp on the web or desktop version if your smartphone with the mobile app is connected to the internet.

Only then can the app send a mirrored version of your conversations to the web and desktop versions. This is very restrictive, as you can imagine.

Telegram, for example, offers fully independent web and desktop versions. You can use them without relying on the mobile app. Apparently, the developers are working on something like that, just missing when it will be released.

2. More customization

Currently, all you can really do to change the look of WhatsApp is to change the wallpaper of the app. Quoting Telegram again, the app lets you change all colors, wallpaper, character size and even the appearance of message bubbles.

It would be great to see more customization by WhatsApp. Also because the app design is quite uninteresting compared to other current apps.

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3. Delete messages without time limit

You can currently delete messages in WhatsApp, but only within 7 minutes after it has been sent. This can also be very restrictive, especially in a situation where you need to share sensitive information.

In Telegram, you can delete messages sent at any time, either seconds or months ago. As the ability to delete messages is already in the app, it would not be so difficult to improve its operation.

4. Schedule messages on WhatsApp

There are many situations in which scheduled messages would be useful. Whether to remind someone of an important fact at the right time or even to deal with co-workers or clients.

This has recently been added to Telegram and you can select the exact time the message is delivered to the recipient. We can only expect WhatsApp to follow the trend soon.x

5. Higher File Limit

whatsapp news features

WhatsApp currently has very restrictive limits on the size of certain files uploaded by the app. You can only upload videos up to 16 MB and documents up to 100 MB, for example.

Considering that the quality of videos and other files grows every day, this limit is quite absurd. Telegram is far more generous than that, an example that should be followed by a larger and more popular app like WhatsApp.

6. Leave groups without notifying other members

It's really pretty annoying to want to leave a group and it will appear to all participating members. We are sure that this is why many people do not leave groups that do not participate actively anymore.

It would be great if only the group administrator were notified of the members leaving. Something discreet, simple and that would be one of the best news of WhatsApp.

7. Mute only one person in a group

Since we are talking about groups, we have to mention how it is not possible to silence specific people in them. If we don't want notifications from anyone in the group, I need to silence the whole or nothing group.

Let's say you don't get along or never agree with just a few people in a group. This functionality would already be extremely useful.

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8. Polls on WhatsApp

Whether or not, polls are very useful in any imaginable chat app. Even so, there are many apps and ways you can use to create polls on WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, none of them native to the app. As you might imagine, this is sorely missed for those who don't want to have to look for an outside way to ask their group questions.

9. Pin messages to groups

WhatsApp groups tend to have many different messages and topics in a short time. It is therefore difficult to follow an interesting discussion or an important topic when necessary.

If it was possible to fix messages like d to do in Telegram, that would already help a lot. Imagine pinning a message that details the day and time of an important event your group attends, for example.

This would make it difficult for anyone to keep asking for information or using the app's search bar to find the message.

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10. WhatsApp Automatic Replies

whatsapp news features

A lot of people use WhatsApp for business, so it makes sense that they need automatic replies. Unfortunately, in these cases I need to use external applications, as WhatsApp does not have this feature.

Even those who use the app for personal conversations could benefit from it. Unfortunately, there is no indication that this will come so soon.

11. Different Activity Status

Currently, you only have to choose if people see you online in the app or if they can never see when you are using the app. This is quite annoying and always needs to be changed in your WhatsApp account settings.

It would be far more effective if different types of activity status existed. Many other apps do this to show you how busy, absent or even invisible. Everything can be changed very quickly.

12. Whatsapp Themes

If developers don't want to make WhatsApp look completely in the hands of users, there's another way out. Just create a few different themes for more varied tastes.

It is well known that they are working on a dark theme, but it does not yet have a forecast to be officially released. Still, other theme types would be most welcome to WhatsApp users.

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13. More ways to lock the app

Recently, one of the new features of WhatsApp was the ability to lock the app with your fingerprint. This is really a great option, but there is still a problem: not everyone has a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor.

Therefore, more than necessary, WhatsApp receives other ways to block the app. It can be a password of numbers and letters or even a pattern drawn on the screen.

Since the app is used for personal conversations and can tell very private information, that would be very useful.

14. React to messages

In Facebook Messenger, we can easily react to any message with various animated emojis. Even Instagram offers the option to like any message you send in private chat.

This is especially true for group conversations. After all, you may not have much to add to a discussion, but you still want to participate in some way.

Since emojis are so used in the app, it would be nice to have a few reactions only. They don't even have to be animated like Facebook Messenger, but the possibility would already be quite interesting.

15. Option to prevent messages from strangers

whatsapp features

Finally, we have a feature that would be very useful for all users. Of course, anyone who used WhatsApp must have already received a message from a completely unknown person.

This is not only inconvenient but also dangerous, after all the person may send you a malicious link or file. So we think WhatsApp should add something like a “message request”, which would make you have to accept someone's request so that the person could send you messages in the app.

This already happens somewhat in Facebook Messenger and Instagram. There, people who don't have you added or don't follow you end up with their direct messages taken to a separate tab.

In the end, you choose whether you want to interact with these people or ignore the message without letting them know that you have viewed it. Very simple, efficient and safer than WhatsApp currently does.

Do you agree with the news from WhatsApp that the app should have?

Could you take a look at our list to learn more about some WhatsApp news that still doesn't exist in the app? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think and what other features could be added to the chat app.