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WhatsApp Web Testing: Is This the End of Skype?

WhatsApp Alternatives androidpit
Now on all platforms, do you worry about competition? / ANDROIDPIT

WhatsApp Web

Unlike Skype, WhatsApp Web is not an app, just a Chrome client. Therefore, you do not need to install any programs on your PC (as long as Chrome is already installed); No need to log in or log out, just close the tab and the session is closed; RAM usage and space limited to Chrome.

The WhatsApp Web login is extremely fast, after reading the QR Code, the site opens without delay, showing your latest conversations. However, it is necessary to keep the phone connected to the internet and WhatsApp open or in the background, as Chorme does a kind of mirroring of the app.

whatsapp web talk
Interface adapted to a larger screen. / ANDROIDPIT

WhatsApp Web's interface is pretty much the same as the simple, clean Android app, but adapted to a larger, landscape screen. It is divided into two parts, the lower left, as a side menu, and displays your photo, a New Conversation icon, a menu for editing Profile and Status, setting up notifications, Help and Exit. Below that we find a field to search for contacts and the last contacts used. Does WhatsApp look like this when it is upgraded to Material Design?

whatsapp web left
Finally a side menu in WhatsApp! / ANDROIDPIT

The right part is reserved for current conversation, and works almost exactly as in the smartphone app. The contact's name and photo are on the top bar, there is also the paperclip icon, which allows you to send images or videos from your PC and use the webcam to take pictures.

right web whatsapp
Almost identical to the application. / ANDROIDPIT

In the upper right corner of the conversations screen is another menu, where you can see the contact information (photo, Status, Phone and groups to which they are both).

whatsapp web information
Contact Information. / ANDROIDPIT

The conversation itself follows the same patterns: white balloons for incoming messages, green balloons for sent messages, and gray and blue scratches for message status. The text field serves the same function, left of it we have the emojis and right, the microphone for audio clips.

whatsapp web emoji
Emojis are present. / ANDROIDPIT

Some features of the app are not yet present in the Chrome client, for example, unable to send location, contacts or music, only compatible images and videos can be sent. Another important detail, WhatsApp Web makes it possible to receive notifications of new messages directly on the desktop, la Pushbullet.

whatsapp web files
Just pictures and videos. / ANDROIDPIT

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WhatsApp Web has yet to prove itself as successful as its version mobilebut if you make this transition well, you can dominate the messaging market. We have other apps that also work on different platforms, like Telegram and Hangouts, but few have enough users to be relevant.

The biggest one, probably Skype, and WhatsApp Web is bad news for the Microsoft application. If Skype's death does not come now, when WhatsApp finally releases VoIP calls, it will be difficult for anyone to compete head-on with it.

For comparison, we put some data from the two messengers side by side (the data was collected from various statistics sites), and as you can see, WhatsApp really has no competitors when it comes to the number of users.

Release Year

Number of Users

Number of users using the app daily

Installations on the Play Store

Whatsapp Skype

2009 (bought by Facebook in 2014)

2003 (purchased by Microsoft in 2011)
700 million 300 million
490 million 4.9 million
between 500 million and 1 billion between 100 million and 500 million

Despite the numbers, Skype is even more complete than WhatsApp, either in version mobile, be on the back desktop. The Android app allows you to perform various functions that are still missing from your competitor: you can send multiple files, create Favorites and make VoIP and video calls, for example. On the back desktop, Skype works alone without the need to connect to the mobile app. In addition, all functions are shared by both.

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Is this the end of Skype, or another to emerge to defeat everyone?

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