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WhatsApp Web – How Does It Work? How to use? Advantages and disadvantages

WhatsApp is a free messenger used by many people. Through it you can easily communicate with friends, family and even at work. Many people today use the app to work and make sales. But, imagine s answer all customers using the mobile phone! To make life easier for those who love to chat via WhatsApp or even use it for work, you can enjoy the WhatsApp Web version.

WhatsApp Web is basically the same thing as the mobile app, the only difference is that you can use it on your computer or notebook. You can use it in a browser or through WhatsApp's own desktop application.

Learn more about WhatsApp in this article. Use WhatsApp at its best, whether in Google Chrome, share more files and contact through the platform through the browser, see below all about the app and stay on top.

WhatsApp Web

How does WhatsApp Web work?

WhatsApp Web works the same as the smartphone app. You can view your conversations, send files, photos, audio and more. Even if you are using the messenger from your computer, your smartphone must also be connected to the internet.

There are two ways to make it work in Web mode. The first is through your browser and the QR Code you get inside the app. And the other way by downloading Whatsapp Web on your own computer.

Whichever method you choose, it will certainly greatly facilitate the use of the messenger during your day to day. Remember that using WhatsApp on the desktop has no cost, just scan code with your QR code scan and thus enable and disable when you want your WhatsApp Messenger.

How to use WhatsApp Web?

To use it in the browser, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit https://web.whatsapp/;
  2. A screen appears with a QR Code that must be confirmed by your application;
  3. Open the app on your phone;
  4. Click on the three dots in the upper corner;
  5. Click on “WhatsApp Web”;
  6. Scan the QR Code.

WhatsApp Web

The other way to use WhatsApp Web is to download it directly to your machine. But you need to have a computer or notebook running Windows 8.1 or higher, or a Mac OSX 10.9 or higher

In this case, open https://www.whatsapp/ and click "Mac or Windows PC." On the next screen, download and follow the proper steps for installation. You can now send a message however you want through the app.

WhatsApp Business: Does it work in WhatsApp Web mode?

WhatsApp Web

Some time ago the messaging service got a new version, suitable to be used for work. With WhatsApp Business you can create quick messages (so you don't have to type the same text multiple times), tag conversations and contacts, create automatic replies among other features.

In addition to being used on the mobile phone, it can also be used on the desktop version, just like conventional WhatsApp: via a browser tab or by downloading the messenger to your machine.

The walkthrough itself. Once installed, simply configure whatever is needed for your work and start using it. No secret, especially after you have the instructions recorded above, just open WhatsApp and follow the walkthrough, the world is changing but so is the technology.

Evaluation: Advantages and Disadvantages

For many it is already considered essential. WhatsApp Web or the app version is darling, being used for personal or professional purposes. considered one of the best messengers, being the most downloaded in the category. See the advantages and disadvantages and decide whether or not to use WhatsApp Web:

Advantages / Prs

  • Same features as WhatsApp application;
  • Notebook / computer keyboard larger than mobile, making it easy to use;
  • Allows you to send files directly from your machine;
  • Insert emojis through code, eg happy;
  • totally free.

Disadvantages / Cons

  • Unable to post status;
  • You need to save contacts on your phone to appear on WhatsApp Web;
  • Not every computer it supports;
  • You need to keep the tab open for message notification.

WhatsApp Web

How much does WhatsApp Web cost?

WhatsApp Web, as well as the totally free smartphone app. You do not have to pay anything to use any of its versions. So if you want to keep using the app, know that you don't have to shell out anything. Just download it to your computer, no matter if we are talking about an Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, you can use the version on your computer screen.

Also, it is possible if you want to invest in tweaking the web computer, you just need to go into your settings and go to the security features.

How to download?

To download the WhatsApp app on your smartphone, just go to the store on your phone and look for WhatsApp. Download and install. To use the web version, it is possible to open a new tab and login, as taught in the above topics, without the need to download the program.

However, you can still download WhatsApp Web to improve your messaging experience. To do this, follow the recommended steps in the above topics.