WhatsApp Web crashed? Messaging app site has instability | Social networks

Previously sought by dnetc, Facebook (the company that also controls WhatsApp and Instagram) recognized the problem and said it was working to address it: "We know some people and businesses are having trouble uploading or uploading images, videos and other files.

in our applications.

We are working to normalize the situation as quickly as possible.


How to use WhatsApp on computer

As an alternative to WhatsApp Web, users can use the WhatsApp desktop application.

Launched in 2016, the version works on Windows and macOS and can be downloaded from the official messenger website, or from Microsoft or Apple stores.

Once the program is downloaded, simply install it in the system, just like any other software, and read the QR Code with the phone.

Like the web, WhatsApp for desktop only mirrors the content of the smartphone.

At the moment, the program also has an error while trying to upload or download photos, videos, audio and other files.

Developing history …