WhatsApp vs. BBM - Messaging Application Comparison

WhatsApp vs. BBM – Messaging Application Comparison

Its start was complicated, with many delays and security issues, until BBM finally arrived at Google Play Store. We took the BBM test for Android, and now the time has come for a first comparison with its main competitor, the giant Whatsapp. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each application?


On the first day available on the Play Store, BBM was already over 10 million downloads, but is the application good enough to compete with WhatsApp, which already has 350 million users worldwide?

At first glance, BBM and WhatsApp have many differences, but both applications incorporate the same basic functions and options. We have prepared this comparative table to make it easier to contemplate them.



Invite friends

Automatic contact list update

Record type

Use on multiple devices

Chat Features

Group chat



Additional Functions



via SMS, Facebook, Hangouts, Google+, Email, LinkedIn or Skype


via SMS, email, NFC, PIN or QR Code Scan

Yes At the
With phone number With email
At the At the

Send text messages, emoticons, insert voice messages, photos (from gallery or camera), location, contacts, videos.

Copy full chat history

Send text messages, emoticons, insert voice messages, photos (from gallery or camera)

Copy full chat history

Add more chat partners

Yes Yes
Yes Yes
At the Yes

Configuring the look and notifications of each chat

Contact Blocking

Direct call from contacts

Group organization (create appointments, tasks, notes, lists, and pictures)

Contact Blocking

Receive ringtones or "Ping"

Free for 1 year. $ 0.99 a year. Free


Even with a better interface and more organized functions than WhatsApp, in this case (as in many others) BlackBerry slept on the spot and delayed the launch of its Android application too much. Only time will tell if your good app becomes as popular as the market leader. When it comes to the variety of functions, WhatsApp still offers the best service, particularly when thinking about attaching options.

The great advantage of BBM, however, is the group management option, which makes it truly possible to use it as a professional tool. It has the potential to become the standard messenger for students and businesses. Equally useful in this context is that you do not need to sign up with your mobile number, but with the BlackBerry ID, which you receive by email.

What do you think? Can BBM find its niche in the messaging app market?

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