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WhatsApp Voice Calls: One More Clue

A few months ago indications began to emerge that WhatsApp will bring voice calls to the app, either through some code lines, hidden icons or call prints. Now another clue has emerged: a folder called WhatsApp Calls, which has no function at this time.

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After WhatsApp Web, will voice calls arrive soon? / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The folder is in the following path: WhatsApp> Media> WhatsApp Calls, and it came in the latest application updates – made directly from whatsapp. As the function is not yet available the folder is empty. Also, it is not known exactly what will be saved in this folder, if only a log of each call, or even an audio record for recording.</p><div class=
whatsapp calls1
Another WhatsApp / ANDROIDPIT media folder; Arthur Eduardo

This news comes during a very busy month for WhatsApp: after banning unofficial application users, introducing WhatsApp Web and even earning a dedicated SIM card, including wall-mounted voice calls is the next logical step for the company, since would further narrow the differences between WhatsApp and other messaging applications such as Skype, Viber or Telegram.

Thanks to Arthur Eduardo for the prints.

With voice calls does WhatsApp finally get complete? Comment on what you most want from the app.

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