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WhatsApp Sticker Making Application – Learn How to make your photo a sticker?

In addition to emoticons and gifs, it is now also possible to send stickers through WhatsApp. And the most fun you can make your own WhatsApp stickers!

With the help of some applications it is possible to turn photos into stickers. You can use the famous memes or even photos of yourself or your friends! Want to know how to create WhatsApp sticker? Know some apps with this function:

How to create WhatsApp stickers?

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Before you can list the apps with this function, you need to know a few things about stickers. This information is valid no matter which app you choose!

When creating your stickers, please be aware that you will need to create a minimum of three packages in order to export and use them in WhatsApp. Less than that, the messenger will not accept. Sticker packages can have up to 30 images. And, WhatsApp accepts up to 10 full packages, totaling 300 stickers for you to enjoy.

1 – Sticker Studio

Only a few applications have the function of creating stickers to use in their conversations. Sticker Studio was created after the novelty of the stickers. It is very easy to use and quite functional.

It has a very clean and intuitive interface. In just a few clicks you can turn your photos into really cool stickers! The Sticker Studio app is compatible for Android only. Its main function is to turn photos into stickers. Photos can be taken straight from the app or imported.

With the app open, import the desired image and remove the background. To do this, you need to select where to cut. The next step is to add them to your WhatsApp. To do this, click on "Add" and then again on "Add." Finally, click on “Publish Sticker Pack”. Your sticker pack will be added automatically on WhatsApp and be ready for use!

2 – Sticker.Ly for WhatsApp

This app has the same principle as the previous one, but it is available for both Android and iOS devices. And the cool thing is, you don't have to do the manual clipping!

With the app already installed, open it and click "New Package." Fill in the data and click "create". Select the image to transform and click "Crop Automatically." See if you need adjustments and finish by clicking "Save."

With three stickers ready, click on “Add to WhatsApp”.

3 – WAStickerApps

This app works only on Android devices and is very functional. It takes the background of the image with a few clicks, and resizes the sizes (when necessary) to correct.

The walkthrough is very similar. I need to create a new package, select the image and click to remove the background. With the sticker pack ready, s save and publish to WhatsApp.

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4 – WSTicK

Basically the same app as above, however this is the iOS version. It's free, but it has ads. To get rid of them, hire the premium version.

The function and tools of this app are also the same. With it you can erase the background of the image and create a new sticker package without complications.

5 – Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker is a free sticker maker app, also available for iOS only. With it you can create various stickers based on your photos.

It works much like Sticker Studio (the first app on this list). Even cropping the image needs to be done manually with the finger, as there is no automatic cropping option. a very simple and functional application. Can download without fear!

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6 – Fund Eraser

This app has a dual purpose: turning images into .png and using them in montages. Or also create Sticker for WhatsApp.

It is available for Android and its very simple use. Open the app, select the images in the gallery and then with your finger make the cutouts in the photo.

7 – Photo Background Eraser

This app has the same function as Background Eraser. The big difference is that it is available for iOS devices.

You can remove the background of the images without much complication. The result can be used to create amazing assemblies or stickers for use in Whatsapp.