WhatsApp remain independent, second chief developer of the service

Neeraj Arora, chief developer of WhatsApp, told the site AllThingsDigital that the service will not be sold to Google and that the news is just unfounded rumors.

WhatsApp Google
It really seems that Google and WhastApp will be together only in the Play Store. / Google Play Store

Perhaps because it is one of the most popular applications on virtually every platform, WhastApp has always been rumored to sell the service to renowned companies in the market, such as Facebook and Google. Since Digital Trends raised the possibility that WhatsApp and Google would be negotiating – raising the ability to purchase the app for about $ 1 billion – that's the talk.

The idea would be to integrate the free instant messaging app with Google's new chat service that will unify Voice, GTalk and Google+ Messenger into one app called Babel. But for those who, like me, were envisioning a future deal between the companies, the developer in front of the startup was very clear and said that this is just an unfounded rumor.

Well, by all indications, WhatsApp follow independent. The fact that this does not change may be related to recent charges for using the app on different platforms. WhatsApp is free for the first year of use for Android users, but then gets paid, about $ 0.99 – although you can delay this payment for months. J for iOS users, the app has always been paid, $ 0.99. Multiply this by the number of users and you will not have 1 billion yet, but continue as an independent company.

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