WhatsApp releases application lock by fingerprint; see how to do

Protect your conversations on WhatsApp with the new biometric feature being made available for the stable version of the app on Android devices. Learn how to activate!

In a reprinted announcement on its official website, WhatsApp warned that it is releasing the feature to secure application via fingerprint on Android, similar to what was already happening on iPhone thanks to Touch ID and Face ID. The new function, it should be remembered, does not block calls, but makes it difficult to access the app after a period of inactivity for other people not to read your messages.


This same feature was previously released in the beta of WhatsApp in August, but only now, in late October, is starting to be available for the final version of the application. Once the feature is released for you, here's how to enable the feature:


For now, WhatsApp's digital lock is being released gradually and may not appear to all users, even when updating the app to the latest version. If you want immediate access to the new feature, you can install its Beta version to see if it appears to you. Here's how to join the WhatsApp testing program.

How to enable WhatsApp fingerprint lock

It is quite easy to enable the feature. By following the steps below, in a matter of minutes your conversations will be properly protected:

  1. If you haven't done so yet, set up Android fingerprint lock in your “Settings”;
  2. Update WhatsApp to its latest version from Google Play;
  3. Open WhatsApp normally and tap the “three point” icon to open the settings menu;


  4. Enter in Settingsand come Account;


  5. On the new screen, enter Privacyand slide the screen down. So touch Fingerprint lock;


  6. Now enable the “Unlock with fingerprint”And put your finger on the machine's fingerprint reader. Finally, select the time period when your fingerprint should be requested to unlock WhatsApp.


From this moment on, every time the configured lockout time is reached, WhatsApp ends up requesting your fingerprint to have its content displayed.


Ready! You now know how to enable WhatsApp fingerprint lock to keep your conversations protected on Android.

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