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WhatsApp officially arrives for Windows and Mac and that changes nothing!

WhatsApp has just announced its application for Windows and Mac. In theory, that would mean that by using the desktop service, you would have much more stability than WhatsApp Web and more features. But the reality is completely different!

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The first to say is that the application is identical to WhatsApp Web. So you still need your connected mobile phone to work. That is, it is still not possible to have on the desktop the same experience we have with the app on the smartphone.

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You still need to keep the phone with you to use the desktop service / ANDROIDPIT

So the only change with this ad is that you no longer need to access the WhatsApp web page from your browser. We are still unable to make calls using the desktop client; Also, it is still not possible to share audio files (not to be confused with voice recordings), location and contacts.

It is still not possible to have on the desktop the same experience we have with the app on the smartphone.

If you have already used Skype on your browser and as PC software, you know that there is a big difference in the stability of these two clients. But even better, you can use Skype on your desktop with the same experience we have with the app on your smartphone. Unfortunately the developers of WhatsApp just chose to copy the web client to the desktop.

WhatsApp desktop application worth downloading

Given the similarity of web and desktop services, I would say that there are still no advantages to using WhatsApp on your computer instead of your browser. We are still unable to log in and synchronize the service on different devices, for example. We still can't count on the call features and we still have to use the app connected to the phone.

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WhatsApp's web and desktop version right now is no different / ANDROIDPIT

After testing the WhatsApp desktop client, I get the impression that the service still lacks in many ways, especially when it comes to voice calls and contact sharing, audio files, and location.

In addition, many people use WhatsApp Web at work, as they do not have administrative access to their company or university computer, so using the browser messenger is still a better option in these cases. At the moment we do not know if WhatsApp will maintain both web and desktop clients. But considering the current situation, I think so.

How to download WhatsApp for Windows or Mac

To download the WhatsApp application to your desktop, you need to have Mac OS X 10.9 or later, or Windows 8 or later. Then simply access the official website of the service through this link.

As well remembered by our reader, AB Barros"The application is not available for 32bit systems, only 64bit systems". This information can be noticed as you download the executable file for Windows.

Will you install the dedicated WhatsApp application for Windows and Mac or prefer to continue using the web client?

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