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WhatsApp Messenger gets great updates, including individual notification and silence settings

Although it is one of the most used messengers today, the WhatsApp Messenger constantly criticized for taking too long to implement news especially on iOS. Today, the App Store arrived a rare update filled with cool things.

Here's the changelog version of the new version, 2.12.5:

  • Adjustments of individual notification and silence settings for each conversation.
  • Option to include videos in your backups of conversations in Conversation Settings and Conversation Backup Link.
  • Mark your conversations as read or unread by sliding them to the right.
  • Improvements in compatibility with VoiceOver.
  • Share contacts directly from the Contacts app and Apple Maps locations directly to WhatsApp.
  • Reduce data usage for your WhatsApp calls at Conversation and Call Settings.
  • Old conversations automatically load when you swipe to the top of the conversation.
  • Design improvements for video and photo cropping.
  • Messages including location show a larger sample of the map.

The new individual notification settings are a great novelty, especially for those who own the Apple Watch and want to leave WhatsApp active, but without receiving on their wrist absolutely everything sent there.

Run to update!

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