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WhatsApp Messenger application gains compatibility with 3D Touch! [atualizado]

And in that the pace of updates of the Whatsapp improved? The app known to take a long time to implement new features (APIs) offered by Apple with each new version of iOS. But now they've been pretty quick.

WhatsApp Messenger app icon

The new version of the messenger (2.12.8) brings compatibility with 3D Touch (now you can preview images, videos, links, contact cards and locations that you send and receive using the resources Peek and Pop).

In addition, the interface is now mirrored and optimized for right-to-left use, for those who use languages ​​like Arabic, and several bugs have been fixed.

Missing to put the shortcuts (via 3D Touch) in the application icon, but who knows it will not be implemented soon

Update · 10/13/2015 s 16:36

In fact, WhatsApp has already implemented shortcuts in its icon. For some mysterious reason it didn't work here in the first few minutes of testing after the update, but now it is:

3D Touch in the WhatsApp cone

Another novelty implemented was the possibility of responding to a message by the notification itself push, something that previously could only be done in the Messages app (native to iOS) but now Apple has released for all interested developers:

Responding to a WhatsApp notification

For some reason, however, this feature is only enabled on iPhones running iOS 9.1 beta