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WhatsApp, Messenger and TikTok are the most downloaded apps of 2019 | Apps

The top five apps also remained unchanged, with Facebook and Instagram in fourth and fifth respectively. Video editor Biugo and PicsArt entered the top twenty most downloaded for the first time. SensoTower indicates that users from India are helping to leverage new downloads from both apps.

TikTok is the most downloaded app on the App Store for the fifth consecutive quarter, and also ranks first in Apple Store downloads in the first quarter of this year. The TikTok Chinese app merged last year with, a popular app in the West for short videos, and the app has become popular today with voiceover conversations, snippets of humor that are viewed by users in a social networking format. .

In the Google Play Store, WhatsApp topped the top most downloaded apps with 199 million downloads. Followed by the messenger are consecutively Messenger, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. For the second time, TikTok is in third position. The top 20 in the ranking goes to YouTube Kids, which had 29 million Play Store downloads, up 291% from the previous quarter.

Below is a list of the most downloaded applications for the first quarter of 2019: