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WhatsApp may have two types of Dark Mode on iOS

Believe it or not, but it's been over a year since we talked about a Dark mode at the WhatsApp for iOS And so far, nothing. This does not mean, however, that the messenger development team is completely at a standstill.

According to information published today by WABetaInfo, are being tested for the iOS app not one, but two types Dark Mode: one similar to the previously published leak, with a dark gray predominating at the interface; the other, which is now being seen for the first time, is much darker, with a shade very close to black, dominating the look.

Compare the two:

You can also see a screenshot of the chat screen, which, according to the site, is the same on both themes:

WhatsApp Dark Mode

According to WABetaInfoThis explains the delay for the development team to release Dark Mode on WhatsApp for iOS. Apparently, the team decided to reassess all work by reviewing the operation of iOS 13 Global Dark Mode, and in the process implemented both themes.

Apparently you will not be able to choose between the two Dark Mode themes: WhatsApp will apply the most appropriate look according to the device and accessibility settings. Certainly, the app takes into account the type of iPhone / iPad screen, as the “darkest mode” is most appropriate for smartphones with OLED screens (since the pixels completely erase).

These dark mode options are hardly new: Twitter, for example, has already had two themes for its dark look on iOS for some time, one dark blue and one really black the difference that, in the case of social networking the bird, users can actually choose the theme they prefer. The same is true of WhatsApp's fierce competitor, Telegram.

We'll have to wait to see if WhatsApp also offers this choice.

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