WhatsApp launches the first pack of animated stickers

WhatsApp launches the first pack of animated stickers

Beta users can now access the first official animated sticker pack in the app

This Tuesday (30th) a long awaited function is finally available for users of the Whatsapp, who can add to your messages animated figurines (also known as animated stickers).

The function is already available to users of the beta versions of WhatsApp for both Android as for the iOS (iPhone), Android users must have version of WhatsApp beta to access only animated figurines, while iOS users need to have version of the same application installed.

According to information released by the WABetaInfo website, this Tuesday's update (30) will allow users to use the animated figurines in the same way that it is possible to use common stickers. This means that users will be able to send these stickers, view them in the message, save any stickers sent by someone in their personal collection, download animated sticker packs from the WhatsApp store itself or install sticker packs that were created by other users.

animated whatsapp stickers Playful Piyomaru is the first animated sticker pack available for download on WhatsApp (Image: WABetaInfo)

Along with the implementation, WhatsApp is also launching the app's first official animated sticker pack. Called Playful Piyomaru the stickers can be downloaded from the app's own store, but only by those users who use the beta version of WhatsApp in the correct version to access the animated stickers.

It is also important to note that, although the application has finally received the possibility to run animated figurines, these do not yet have a loop function. That is, their animation will only occur the first time the user sees the message. For the time being, there is still no information on whether the WhatsApp team is working to implement this function, or to introduce some option in the application settings that will allow users to choose whether they want the animated stickers to work in loop or not.

animated whatsapp stickersAnimated stickers still not in loop (GIF: WABetaInfo)

Even among users who have the beta version of Whatsapp the function is being released little by little, so it may take a few days for the first pack of animated stickers to appear for download even if you are using the correct beta version of the application.

For now, there is no forecast for when these stickers will be released for the main application, but this is expected to happen within the next few months.

Why use animated stickers?

Stickers for Whatsapp - All Stickers 1 The stickers for WhatsApp are a very Brazilian form of communication

The use of stickers in Whatsapp helped to revolutionize the way people communicate, and according to the surveys they are a huge success mainly among Brazilian users of the application.

It is easy to understand why, since this tool facilitates a type of communication that is typical of the Brazilian internet user: the conversation through memes. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a meme often expresses more than a thousand feelings, and is able to demonstrate ideas that are much more complex than the ones we get from using emojis alone.

Until the advent of stickers, meme communication required users to have multiple images saved on their smartphones and to send them as attachments to the message, a process with many more steps that required more storage of the device. With the arrival of figurines, this communication became much easier, as it became possible to record all the favorite memes on WhatsApp itself, freeing up space on the device and making it easier to find them, making the flow of the conversation much easier.

25 years of internet and the best 25 memes of allThe possibility of creating your own stickers facilitated the communication by memes on WhatsApp

Another great advantage of the stickers was the ease for users to create their own (we even have a guide with some apps to do this here on Showmetech), which allowed internal jokes from people at work or from school friends to be transformed into personal cards to be shared at appropriate times.

With the arrival of animated figurines opens up a whole new range of possibilities for using this tool, which should continue to be greatly used by the creativity of Brazilian users.

Source: WABetaInfo