WhatsApp launches its first advertising video inspired by Carnival

WhatsApp launches its first advertising video inspired by Carnival

Surprising everyone, WhatsApp decided to launch its first advertising video that started to be shown on Facebook, Instagram and on open and closed TV channels. Interestingly, the video entitled "Fica S Entre Vocs" is set in Brazil and highlights Carnival.

The material tells the story of people who, through a WhatsApp group, get together to help a samba school that lost its allegories due to a fire just before Carnival.

According to the WhatsApp team, this production involved about 200 people, including actors, cane clips and cameras, for example, all gathered in a samba school shed. The local community also participated in the project in order to deliver more realism to the video.

Taciana Lopes, Consumer Marketing leader at Facebook Brasil, said in a statement: "Brazil is one of the main markets for the company worldwide, so we decided to launch the campaign here to honor the solidarity of Brazilians inspired by one of the most traditional traditions. dear ones from the country ".

The idea of ā€‹ā€‹WhatsApp's first advertising video to reinforce the importance of the app in daily use, allowing people to create real connections through groups or private messages. The commercial was created by the company AlmapBBDO, directed by Luiz Sanches and created by Pedro Corbett, Firulo, Erick Mendona and Juliana Utsch.

Recalling that WhatsApp will also launch other campaigns with the title "Fica S Entre Vocs" in other countries, but adapting the video content to the local culture.

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