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WhatsApp is banning some users from jailbroken iPhones

O jailbreak It was already, in fact, a much more common practice among iPhone users, but that does not mean that no one else adheres to the method to unlock iOS today. As reported, there is still software that performs the unlocking of the smartphone, opening it to a series of functions and features that are unofficial which can sometimes lead to negative consequences.

Recently, the reader Wesley cariolan contacted the to report that he had been banned from WhatsApp for using the messenger on an iPhone with jailbreak. According to a WhatsApp support page, the app doesn't really support unlocked devices, as the software's security model (such as end-to-end encrypted messaging) may not work properly on iPhones. jailbroken.

However, not all users who have devices with jailbreak are banned from the service. According to the reader and participant of the MM Tour, Anderson Silva (fan of jailbreak), likely WhatsApp probes users to use certain types of tweaks, specifically those that change the default operation of the service (such as not showing when you are online when accessing the service, hiding your status, etc.).

In this way, other settings, related more to the system itself than to the operation of WhatsApp can, say, pass "beat" by the service, such as tweaks which, for example, were Dark Mode in various apps. So the line between owning a device with jailbreak and getting banned from WhatsApp seems pretty cool.

The same thing began to happen to users who used modified versions of WhatsApp (often to chat via two different numbers on the same device), such as the WhatsApp BG and WhatsApp Plus apps. In these cases, however, some users were temporarily banned, as reported by the blog. ToksTech.

It then alerts you to everyone who uses (or plans to use) jailbreak on their devices and at the same time rely on WhatsApp daily. The "purge" seems to have started.

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