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WhatsApp is banning members of groups with suspicious names

Like every self-respecting social platform, the Whatsapp It has its ways of overseeing the use being made of its services to curb the action of criminal groups or illegal activities. It turns out that this inspection is now reaching people and groups who have decided to do unfortunate jokes in the messenger.

According to WABetaInfo and some forums on Reddit, WhatsApp went on to to ban users participating in groups with suspicious names or that indicate criminal activity. In some cases, these bans are only temporary; in others, the thing permanent And the user in question can only return platform with another phone number.

One report in Reddit stated that a college group of about 100 people has dawned one day with the name "child pornography" because of a funny user. Within moments, all members of the group were permanently banned from the platform; A week later, the user had his account restored for no apparent reason. Other accounts tell very similar stories.

Some users expressed concern about the news, considering that WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption message exchange and could not theoretically have access to the content of the groups.

The messenger team did not comment on the case, but the answer seems to be obvious: even though WhatsApp does not have access to user messages, some metadata, such as group names and descriptions, can be checked by the security team. from Facebook. thus, after all, that they can restrain the action of illegal groups on the platform.

So here's the hint: If you don't want to risk being banned from WhatsApp, avoid nasty jokes involving crimes and don't forget to pass this information on to your funny friends.

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via Mashable | image: BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock