WhatsApp: How to troubleshoot insufficient storage space error on installation

Many users of Whatsapp has been complaining about something that is becoming quite common in messaging applications: insufficient storage space error at install time. Today, I show two known solutions to the problem.

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Check out three solutions for WhatsApp insufficient storage space error! / ANDROIDPIT

Researching the insufficient storage space error at install time, I noticed that the bug occurs because of a feature called Social Networking Service (SNS). The problem is related to the cache memory of this service, which ends up being full of browsing files on social networks, preventing the installation of new apps as a consequence.

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When trying to download WhatsApp via Play Store, this error message appears even when storing in your phone enough! / ANDROIDPIT

Solution 1

Download the Link2SD app and clear the SNS cache. Depending on your smartphone model, you may not be able to find the SNS app from the native Android app manager. So, in order to clear the memory of this app, you can use Link2SD and do a general cleaning on this storage. After downloading Link2SD, open the application and click on the menu at the top left where it says Link2SD. When you do this, look for the "Clear all app cache" option.

Install on Google Play

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Link2SD is a shortcut to clearing the cache of all applications at once! / ANDROIDPIT

Solution 2

If you cannot download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store, try it from the official free messaging website. From the page for Android devices, by clicking the green Download Now button, you will install the latest version of the app on your phone (which is often newer than the one available on the Play Store). Install APK using your external memory card and install the app from it.

If none of the above helps, you can use the process for rooted devices from this tutorial on our forumcreated by our super moderator jefferson h.

What, did you manage to install WhatsApp through these tips? Which others do you know and would like to share with other members of our Android community?

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