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WhatsApp, Halide Camera, Google Duo and Microsoft Office are updated with news

Another set of apps were recently updated with improvements / news. On the cake this time are: the Whatsapp, which has gained some new features; the photography app Halide; The Google Duo; it's the Microsoft Office, which implemented Adobe's Creative Cloud support in some of its top apps.

Check out each update in detail:

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger app icon

The Facebook messenger arrived verse 2.19.110; messages received in muted conversations will no longer be indicated in the WhatsApp icon, according to the changelog of this update.

In addition, it is now possible to edit media files with new “alignment guides” (as if they were rulers) that help position stickers, emojis, and other types of stickers on images uploaded to Status (similar to Instagram).

Halide camera

Halide Camera app icon

The acclaimed Halide photography app has anticipated iOS 13.2's release and has added support for the feature since early this week. Deep fusion 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Now, with the latest version of the OS now available, users of the new handsets will be able to “capture significantly better texture, detail and noise reduction images” with the Deep fusion, according to Apple.

In addition, this version also includes another novelty called “Intelligent Processing” (Smartest Processing), also compatible with the XS and XS Max iPhones. With it, users will be able to shoot with the best possible image processing, combining the power of Smart HDR with Halide's camera adjustment options.

The fans of RAW photography, however, will have to choose the best option when taking their photos because iOS won't allow you to capture RAW images with Halide's intelligent processing feature. To disable RAW, simply tap the QuickBar and select HEIC or JPG format.

In addition, the update fixes some issues with depth control and reduces memory usage to avoid possible crashes.

Google Duo

Google Duo app icon

Already in version 66, Google's video conferencing app now supports low light mode (do not confuse it with Dark Mode) to increase the visibility of a call in dark environments. In addition, the update implements support for Google Nest devices, making it possible to initiate or receive calls through speakers.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word app icon

Microsoft PowerPoint app icon

Adobe and Microsoft have announced another partnership that brings together two of their core services: Creative Cloud and the Office suite apps, respectively. This means you can now access your CC library directly from Word and PowerPoint, making it easy to create and share multiple content.

To access CC in Word / PowerPoint, users must tap the service button located in the upper right corner of the main toolbar. As with all CC integrated products, you can also share Adobe Fonts content in your libraries.

In addition, companies that signed up to use Adobe Stock will be able to use the service database images with the Office suite apps all, of course, synchronously between all devices connected to the CC account.

You can purchase Microsoft Office products here, and subscribe to Adobe's service at this link.

via AppleInsider