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WhatsApp group members won't like this new feature

It has been a while since WhatsApp has been gaining new features constantly, first appearing for beta testers. Many features arrive at the final version of the messenger, while others are released to specific platforms or die along the way. A new function that is being tested by the company will generate some policy among users of the app, especially those who participate in groups.

WhatsApp groups are a huge hit, as they are the biggest memes on the Internet and the most absurd alert chains that seem to be Orkut stuff. The new feature targeted at WhatsApp groups, and is not yet available in beta accessible from the Play Store (or via APK), number 2.17.38.

Between the next days, or weeks, WhatsApp will display the status of the group's participating users and their respective locations in real time. So other contacts from the group will know which region you are in at all times. The feature uses Android's location services and, according to channel staff WA Beta Info, the only ones who have had early access to the feature so far can set a time for this status to be displayed.

The user may permanently disable the feature, or then temporarily enable it for 1, 2, or 5 minutes, as shown in the image below:

whatsapp location
Group User Location Function / WPA

Another point is not clear whether all participants will be able to see this information, or just the group administrator. Many users may find the new feature a bit invasive, while others may find it interesting, especially if the target group of the group is meeting the users.

This feature should arrive in public versions of WhatsApp soon, including the function of canceling a message after sending. If your beta WhatsApp has received this function, leave a comment below sharing your impressions with us.

What did you think of this feature?

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