WhatsApp Get Instagram Stories Instant Video Feature Coming Soon

It's not today that Facebook is striving to bring Snapchat features to its apps. Instagram Stories emerged exactly as an alternative to the service that was threatening the social domain of Mark Zuckerberg apps. Now, according to a specialized channel leak, WhatsApp will be next to gain the instant posting feature, Snap's main feature.

Feature was anticipated by channel @WABetaInfo, which specializes in leaks aimed at WhatsApp. This channel has anticipated many new features for users, such as video calling and two-step authentication. According to the shared information, the news can be seen in WhatsApp iOS version 2.17.4 beta.

whatsapp instant
Snapchat being inside WhatsApp / @WABetaInfo

The "status" function allows the user to post photos, videos, texts or GIFs of up to 45 seconds, which are available to view other contacts for 24 hours. This change does not replace the user's profile photo, but will be posted to a separate WhatsApp section where only selected contacts can see. Of course there is also the option to show post to all contacts.

whatsappstatus stories
WhatsApp beta status feature for iOS / WABetainfo

In addition, the user will be able to mute posts from other contacts, something that can also be done on Instagram Stories. The odd thing here is that the status feature will show who viewed a post, but users who choose not to show their profile status (online / last seen) or have disabled read verification (two blue ticks) cannot be seen. by the owner of the publication.

It is not yet known for sure when this will come in beta versions of WhatsApp for Android, or then the unstable version for iOS. It is likely that the feature will be made available to both platforms almost simultaneously, as its operation will depend on the availability of users to view it.

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