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WhatsApp gains web interface, but iPhone users are left out of the game

Remember the rumor about a web version of Whatsapp? For today it has become a reality at least for some users.

cone - WhatsApp Messenger

As the app's official blog explains, the web version of WhatsApp is an extension of the app installed on users' smartphones. The browser simply reflects the conversations and messages as they are on the device, that is, all messages still remain originally saved on the phone.

To connect to the WhatsApp web client, just go to via the Chrome browser (yes, it only works with it). When you do this, you will see a QR code. Scan it using WhatsApp (on your smartphone) and you're done, you're connected.

WhatsApp Web on Safari

But in addition to only working on the Chrome browser, this web feature is only compatible with the new versions of WhatsApp for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. According to the company, unfortunately they are still unable to offer the web version to us (iPhone users) due to limitations of the Apple platform. : – /

I honestly don't know what those limitations are. When it was launched in Brazil in mid-2013, WeChat already had a similar feature after it even won an app for OS X. The Telegram app, in addition to having native versions for iOS and OS X, has an interface web which runs on all browsers and works perfectly (regardless of the smartphone used by the user).

This explanation did not stick on Facebook Facebook

  1. D to believe that, in the middle of 2015 ?! At least they indicate that other browsers will be supported soon.

(tip from Rafael Rigues)