Three Ways to Find Out Who a Person Talks More With on WhatsApp Social networks

WhatsApp for Android has secret emoji on Beta; see how to use | Social networks

Please note that only users of app version 2.19.56 of tests have new access, which should be available to everyone in future updates, with no date set yet. The recipient must also have WhatsApp Beta to be able to receive and view the emoji. Also, the option is not yet available for iPhone (iOS).

In addition to the LGBT pride flag, with its rainbow colors, there is also the Trans Pride flag. Its look consists of striped design, interspersed with light blue and pink, with a white stripe in the center. The flag was born in the United States and aims to represent all transgender communities, organizations and individuals in pursuit of their rights and greater visibility. Brazil leads the world ranking in the number of transsexual and transvestite murders, with more than 160 deaths in 2018, according to the NGO Transgender Europe.

Remember that members of WhatsApp Beta receive first updates and news of the application, with the ability to access new features before all. The version released for anyone wishing to participate: just go to the official WhatsApp website (, look for Become a tester and update the app normally.