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WhatsApp flaw puts your security at risk. Upgrade now

A security flaw in WhatsApp was discovered that allowed hackers to hack into your data via MP4 videos.

O Whatsapp is providing an update that corrects the security that allowed hackers to access messages and files from your phone. The failure was identified both in WhatsApp comum as for the Whatsapp for Business and Enterprise Client version, suggesting that a very large number of people may have their data leaked. According to himself Facebook, the vulnerable versions of the application are:

  • Android previous to version 2.19.274
  • iOS prior to version 2.19.100
  • Enterprise Client versions earlier than 2.25.3
  • Windows Phones previous versions and including 2.18.368
  • Business for Android prior to 2.19.104
  • Business for iOS prior to 2.19.100

If you have a version later than those mentioned, there are no problems with your security. Otherwise, it is highly recommended that you update both WhatsApp and the device itself.

J the failure of security itself refers to MP4 videos specially designed for hackers to access their private content via Whatsapp. The problem demonstrates the importance of stressing that the user must not open any kind of multimedia content from unknown numbers.

Invading WhatsApp by Gifs

Recently a security flaw in WhatsApp was discovered by sending gifs.Recently a security flaw in WhatsApp was discovered by sending gifs.

In October, an error was also discovered in the Whatsapp which made hackers access user content via a GIF image file. Basically, the victim received the GIF and, when opening the gallery of Whatsapp, the vulnerability was triggered and the device was hacked.

As in the case of content in MP4, Facebook sent a statement at the time saying that the vulnerability had been fixed and that it was important for users to keep their updates constant. Unlike video, this flaw only affected devices Android.

Importance of updating your devices

Updating your device improves your smartphone's security and performance.Updating your device improves your smartphone's security and performance.

Cybercriminals are constantly updating their ways of breaking into user data, which is why companies are also updating their devices to improve their smartphone in terms of security. security. Updates are made with different protocols and therefore, it is very important to keep your device up to date.

In addition, companies also improve several features with each new version, including improvements in design, performance, introducing new features, and there are cases where even the device battery is better optimized.

To update your device Android It is quite simple, just access your phone's settings and identify the “software update” button and then “download updates manually”. If so, just wait for the download to finish.

On iOS, access the "Settings", "General", "Software Update" icon. If there is an update, the device indicates and just click on "Download and Install".

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Source: TechRadar.