WhatsApp disapproved for annual data privacy report

EFF is an American commission that defends the internet privacy right, and annually publishes a report evaluating several companies according to pre-established criteria.

This year's WhatsApp app was first evaluated, and was heavily criticized for how it treats privacy and protects user data.

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The report points to security holes and other privacy policy issues in services, software and businesses.

The EFF's pre-determined criteria are: ensuring the content of communications, alerting users of government requests to send personal data, publishing transparency reports, being transparent about how often it blocks or removes content for the benefit of government, among others.

other security and relationship issues.

The rated companies receive one star for each item contemplated.

This year, WhastApp made its debut in the report, and received only one star for the messenger opposing massive vigilance from its users.

Check out the points highlighted in the report released by EFF:

  • WhatsApp does not publicly request a warranty before providing content to its users when questioned in Justice.

    WhatsApp does not publish transparency reports or a court order guide.

  • WhatsApp does not promise to provide users with information about government requests for personal data.
  • WhatsApp does not publish information about your data retention policy, including the registration of IP addresses or deleted content.

Despite having assigned a low score, the EFF states that WhatsApp has potential for improvement during the year.

The commission hopes that Facebook, the current owner of WhatsApp, will take a more public and transparent stance, such as working on a stronger policy to warn its users of government requests for data.

The full ranking of companies evaluated by EFF can be accessed through this link.

And, do you feel safe using WhatsApp?

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