WhatsApp debunks Facebook in Brazil !?

WhatsApp debunks Facebook in Brazil !?

Calm down, WhatsApp has not yet reached more than 1 billion if users, however, if the Brazilian had to choose between Facebook and WhatsApp, would be with the instant messaging app to the detriment of Zuckerberg's social network. The survey was conducted by Qualcomm and aimed to know "which app users would choose if they could install only one on their mobile phone". Do you agree with the result of this study?

Whatsapp Brazil
Brazilian prefers WhatsApp to Facebook application! / AndroidPIT

Research further shows that the Wehat, Chinese app for chatting from the smartphone, was a position above Facebook. This surprising announcement, because in May, a survey commissioned to Ibope by Qualcomm showed that the most popular application among Brazilians was Facebook, for 65% of respondents. In addition, access to social networks appeared as the second activity most exercised by smartphone users. However, with this new information, we can say that Brazilians are more interested in instant messaging than checking timeline from Facebook via mobile.

Ok, I have to say that the WeChat advertising team gave the app a little push to reach this position, as the software advertising campaign gained space in prime time and brought no less than Lionel Messi as a poster boy. But what about WhatsApp? Well, it looks like the app really has its own charm!

According to Qualcomm director Drio Dal Piaz, above what the app offers, is the momentary interest of users for them: "This shows that the adoption cycle of a short app. The user can quickly be enchanted by an app or if disenchant if the experience is not satisfied ".

Do you agree with the result of this research? Take the poll below or let us know what you think in the comments below.

Note: We are still contacting Qualcomm for access to data from this survey.

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