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WhatsApp cloned? Learn how to find out and what to do

Check out how to find out if you had WhatsApp cloned, and how to solve this problem as quickly as possible

Nowadays it is very difficult to recognize a Whatsapp cloned, since the social network has become the main means of communication. While you are reading this sentence, you must have already received notification of some message sent by the application.

Although this easier way of communicating has become quite popular in recent years, the number of strokes applied through it has also grown. One of these involves cloning your account in the app. But calm down: if you have yours Whatsapp cloned, you will notice, and you will be able to resume access to your account in a few moments.

If your WhatsApp is cloned, you will noticeIf your WhatsApp is cloned, you will notice

How to find out?

If someone has cloned your account, or even cloned your cell phone, you will know. Like? Well, it is impossible to use the same application number on two cell phones at the same time. If someone obtained your number and authenticated your app account on another device, the Whatsapp will notify you that your number is being used on another phone.

A message will appear on your phone stating that possibly your number has been registered on another phone. The only option is to tap on ?Confirm?, and re-authenticate on your phone.

WhatsApp cloned? Learn how to find out and what to do

Another way to find out if someone else is using your account on Whatsapp, check if any content has not been sent from your phone, such as a text message, audio, photo or video, to your contacts.

It is possible that it is an application failure. But, if it happens more than once in a short time, someone may be using your Whatsapp elsewhere: either on another phone or on a computer.

To find out if your account is connected to another computer, just enter the menu Settings of the app and then WhatsApp Web. You then select Log out of all computers to disconnect from all devices that you are logged in to, including those that may not have been used by you.

WhatsApp screen showing computers connected to your account To find out if your account is connected to another computer, just enter the Settings menu of the app and then WhatsApp Web

It is good to do this with a certain frequency to ensure that no one will use your computer or another computer that you have accessed the WhatsApp Web can access your messages and conversations. It is important to guard against this type of situation.

Now, if your cell phone was stolen, you have two options:

  • If you are sure that your smartphone was protected by password, pattern or biometrics, you can wait until you purchase a new device with your operator's chip, already registered with your number. So, just install the app Whatsapp in the new device and register your number again. When you authenticate, the system automatically unlocks your number from the previous device.
  • If you do not have password protection, or want to quickly disable your account, you should contact support Whatsapp through email (email protected), writing in the subject and in the message the phrase ?Lost / Stolen: Please disable my account?, Including your international phone number (Ex .: + 55-11-98765-4321). Your account will be deactivated, and the company guarantees that incoming messages will be stored for 30 days. After that period, the account will be deleted from the platform, and the data will be lost.

How to avoid having WhatsApp cloned?

One way to prevent your account from being cloned or used on another cell phone without your authorization is to enable two-step verification, available in the menu, at Account.

To avoid a cloned Whatsapp, make the verification in two steps "class =" wp-image-220413 "srcset =" -tuas-stages-of-WhatsApp-604x1000.png 604w, 720w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 604px) 100vw, 604pxTo prevent a cloned Whatsapp, do the verification in two steps

This activation asks you to set a 6-digit PIN that needs to be entered every time you log in. If any, in fact, clone your Whatsapp after that, the person will need to enter the PIN. So it is good to choose a strong password that is not 123456 or something like that.

In addition to the PIN, you must enter an email address to recover your account if you lose your verification number. That way, if you forget your password, you can create a new one.

These are just a few ways to prevent your in-app account from being cloned. Always pay attention, be careful where you click and, of course, do not share the chains without first checking where they came from.

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