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WhatsApp Business – How Does It Work? Download, Functions and Positive and Negative Points

WhatsApp Business is a free business application available for Android and iPhone dedicated to automating customer service by responding quickly to messages.

This tool makes it easier for customers to get in touch with the company, so they can make more of their business presence by responding quickly and often in real time to budgets, questions and other business-related questions.

WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp Business

The features offered by the app really are very useful for businessmen. In addition to all means of the conventional WhatsApp application, WhatsApp Business also offers:

– Business Profile – In it, the entrepreneur registers all company data to provide the important information to the customers. An example of this is: Phone, website, address and email.

– Business Messaging Tools – You can post automatic messages, for example: From absence, vacation, greetings when first contact and quick replies.

-Support for fixed numbers – This feature is very interesting because the app can use landline number and customers can send messages through it.

– can have the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same device – Ideal for separating personal and professional life.

WhatsApp WEB – Using the application through the web browser is a great way to communicate better without risk of the broker disrupting the dialogue.

With WhatsApp Business, users can send free files, videos and calls, even outside of Brazil. One hand on the wheel to improve company communication and save on telephony expenses.

How to download WhatsApp Business?

The App is available from the Play Store, just enter your name (WhatsApp Business) and click download. Remember that the slogan of this app has a "B" to differ from the conventional. Then do the following step by step:

1- Open the App after downloaded;

2- Tap on “agree and continue”;

3- Let him access your contacts, photos and files;

4- Enter your business phone number;

In this field you must use a different number. However, if you don't have another one and want to use the mobile number that is already in another WhatsApp application, it will ask if you want to transfer the number to WhatsApp Business.

Accept After this procedure, the application will send a code, enter and all messages will be restored.

On your mobile screen, WhatsApp Business stands for WA Business.

WhatsApp Business

How to use?

The simple procedure, much like the conventional WhatsApp. However, the first thing the app will ask for is the registration of your company's business profile.

In it you can include:

  • Telephone;
  • Address;
  • Email;
  • Location map;
  • Company Description;
  • Opening hours

In WhatsApp Business, companies can be categorized in 3 ways:

  • Verified Account – When the account belongs to an authentic brand it has a green sign in the profile;
  • Account Verified – Indicates that the phone has been confirmed, it has gray tic;
  • Business account The phone has not yet been confirmed, so a gray icon with a question mark appears next to it.

In fact, most accounts will come up with this last option, because business verification is usually based on: Famous Brands or if the WhatsApp Business number is the official phone number of the business registered with the phone companies and Google.

No company can accelerate this verification process, the only thing to do, to provide all the business data correctly.

After this step, understand how you can use the features:

– Labels in WhatsApp Business – They are used to organize conversations. To use, click Settings> Labels. The app will show the standard tags like: New customer, pending payment, order paid, order completed and others.

To add and each conversation, tap the menu you have (…) and then “add tag to conversation”.

They can be changed as needed.

– Answer Tool – Prayers, greetings and other quick replies can be saved to send as needed. This makes everyday life easier, especially for equal questions asked by customers.

To use this feature, go to menu (…)> settings> company settings. Will appear 3 options:

  • Message of absence;
  • Greeting message;
  • Quick answers.

To add the message you prefer, tap the + and type whatever you want, you can insert emojis.

WhatsApp Business

What is the benefit of using WhatsApp Business?

The secret of good business management is to separate personal matters from professionals. Using a specific application to work will make customer responses more agile, and there's no risk of leaving some unanswered because it's left to check later.

WhatsApp Business also provides data to measure the metrics of how many messages were successfully read and delivered. These statistics are critical to knowing if you are not letting customers escape for lack of service.

To access this feature. Tap on menu (…)> settings> company settings> statistics.

You will have access to reports of all messages sent, delivered, received and read.

However, this information you can only get by mobile, can not yet be accessed by the computer.