WhatsApp Business: Frequently Asked Questions, Tips, Tutorials, and (Dis) Advantages

WhatsApp Messenger, you already know, a simple messenger with smart features and a friendly interface, known and preferred for all audiences hey, Telegrammers: # PEACE ✌️

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Your verse Business, finally released in April for iOS, is designed for professionals and small business owners, making it easy for them to interact with customers using tools to quickly organize and respond to messages.

Since then, doubts have been in the air, discussions of the best ways to use the app and even if there is a real need for migration have emerged.

We wait a while for the instabilities to pass and the patches to apply and we add all these questions to some special tips in this article for you. In the end, of course, if you have any tips that we don't cover here, use and abuse the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

The app 100% free and continue like this?

Both versions are currently free even though Facebook buys WhatsApp for many billions of dollars. But it is already rumored that we will see announcements in the not too distant future, after all, this bill has to be paid.

What is the difference from Business to "traditional"?

WhatsApp Business - Settings

The main ones, in my opinion, are:

  • Being identified as a business contact, something like Instagram's business profile;
  • Add opening hours, address and links;
  • Get quick answers to frequently asked questions
  • Automatic greeting messages for the first contact;
  • Automatic absence messages for holidays, weekends or other specific times.

What are the pros and cons of the corporate app?

The main plus point is credibility and providing more information than the “traditional” app, in addition to all the points just above.

I've collected three bad points that may not affect everyone:

  1. The biggest disadvantage when there is poor message management and promotion triggers. Instead of engaging, you can do the opposite: push your customer away.
  2. Another bad point: being targeted at a business environment, there was a lack of multiple attendants the way today, you can only have two active instances (one on the mobile and one through the browser).
  3. Lack of privacy, but only for those who keep both apps on the same phone. The feeling that you can never disconnect from work, and rightly so. Ideally, in a perfect world that everyone would be able to, use Business on a separate device.

Can I also format messages in the Business version?

Yes. Type between _ (underscore) to leave the message italics, enter * (asterisks) to bold, enter ~ (useful) for strikethrough and enter “ `(three stages) for monospace. One tip: You can combine the first three formats as you like, but the monospace will only work on its own.

Can I use both versions, WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business, on the same phone?

WhatsApp Business - Open in WhatsApp

Yes. But each app must be linked to its own phone number. It is not possible to have the same number linked to both versions.

Do I need an iPhone with two chip support to use both versions?

No. But you will need to receive the activation code by SMS (or call) at the second number that will be configured in WhatsApp Business. That is, you can change the chip on your own iPhone, or even receive the activation code on another device, no problem.

Can I use my landline as my WhatsApp Business number?

Yes! You only need to be near the phone to hear the activation code. Although probably if you pass your landline to someone and say WhatsApp, maybe the person gets confused or laughs in your face. Do not judge. 😛

How to get an “official” business account?

WhatsApp Business official accounts carry the famous "verified" symbol, which means that number actually represents the company. Unfortunately, companies can't ask or pay to turn their business account into an "official business account," if you see it somewhere, it's a trap.

Only most famous companies have this check and WhatsApp itself leaves no clear factor factor it uses to check or if there is anything that can be done to expedite or facilitate this process. But if you could verify your business, tell us in the comments how. 😉

I have a large company with my own system, can I use the WhatsApp Business API?

You will need to apply for authorization for “Facebook for Business” by filling out this form. Or you can consult the list of existing partners here and see the solutions offered.

I want to migrate my WhatsApp Messenger account to WhatsApp Business; will i lose my conversations?

No. Although we recommend a backup first, the app itself, when installed, will identify the old version and suggest the option to migrate your “traditional” conversation history to a WhatsApp Business account right after you set up and confirm the number on new app. But beware: if you give up and go back to the “traditional” WhatsApp, the reverse conversation restoration process is not possible.

Have jailbreak on my iPhone, will it work?

If you (still?) Adept atjailbreak, WhatsApp Business at will work. But the company already reports that it does not support, and does not guarantee all functionality for devices with this method. The security mode that provides end-to-end encryption, for example, may not work properly.

When can my number get banned from WhatsApp (and Business)?

The bottom line: accounts that make use of distribution lists without the recipient's consent. But some other reasons may cause your number to be blocked on company servers:

  • Exchange a WhatsApp account between devices frequently;
  • Try to guess the activation code successively;
  • Various reports from others of misuse, spam, threats, insults,stalking, etc;
  • Application usage or add-ons unofficial ones to mirror your account or to add non-existing features (like the desired “invisible mode”).

My number has been banned, now what?

WhatsApp tells you on its website that it does not warn you before banning an account. Suddenly you may get "Your number is banned from WhatsApp".

If you sent spam messages through mailing lists and a lot of people reported you, well, I don't have nice news: you will no longer be able to use this number on any WhatsApp service, either in the “traditional” version or in Business.

If you believe there is a mistake, you can enter this link to get the correct email address for your platform and then contact us, providing all possible details and details about the problem you are facing. They may take a few useful days to answer you, however.

I will migrate from Android to iOS (or vice versa); am I going to miss my conversations even on WhatsApp Business?

Officially: yes, you can lose everything except your number, of course.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp (in the “traditional” or Business version) offers no tools that transport your system conversation history to another. However, third party tools (such as Dr.Fone or iCareFone) promise a “smooth” migration. He who writes to you has had experiences on both sides, good and bad. Good luck!

Now, to migrate between devices without changing operating system, you can refer to the help page for iOS or Android.

Tips and suggestions

Fill in the profile carefully

It is the business card for your future (or current) customers.

WhatsApp Business - Profile

Do not just think of the address (which must be complete and accurate), but also put a valid link from your Instagram and / or website, a good description of your service with its differential and even email address. Do not forget to set your hours of operation / service; important to be clear when the customer can expect a response from you.

Some names may be rejected if they contain only uppercase letters, with emojis, symbols (such as), special characters, or any derivation of the word WhatsApp, of course.

WhatsApp Business - Short Link

Enjoy creating your own link at Settings Company Settings Short Link. The app gives you a link to the wa.me URL, which you can customize by adding a message. A suggestion:

Hello, could you send me the menu?

Hang tags

They organize contacts and conversations for you to find later more easily. Check out some tag suggestions, which may vary as your business requires:

  • New customer;
  • Old client;
  • Customer who has already complained;
  • Did not accept the proposal;
  • Awaiting payment;
  • Paid out;
  • Accompany production;
  • Order delivered;
  • Track satisfaction.

Tags are currently only available for Android. Will be added soon to iOS.

Quick Answers

Quick answers help you save and reuse what you send often, to answer common questions more practically, and save a little time.

WhatsApp Business - Quick Answers

To configure v in Settings Company Settings Quick Answers and tap the "+" to create a new one. Like the iOS keyboard shortcuts, here you define up to three keywords (or even letters) to be replaced by a longer phrase or phrase. The difference here is that every shortcut starts with a '/' and there is a limit of 50 quick responses. The following are five examples:

  • / feedback: “We appreciate your feedback. He will be taken into consideration! ”
  • / discount15: “Your lucky day, today we have 15% off for orders over $ 30!”
  • / delivery: “Wow, unfortunately we haven't delivered it to your address yet. But stop by the store when you can! ”
  • / Flavors: “Our available flavors are Nest, Nutella, Strawberry and Dulce de Leche.”

Automatic Messages

Unlike quick replies, automatics can be configured to be sent every time someone sends the first message to their number. This is important for your potential customer to make sure he is talking to the right number.

The first message type is from greeting. The potential customer came from an external link or referral, so it is important that they already feel comfortable with your message.

WhatsApp Business - Messaging

To configure, go to Settings Company Settings Greeting Message and activate the selector. In addition to setting the message, you can choose who gets this greeting: everyone, who isn't on your calendar, or restricting it to certain contacts. Example:

Welcome to Tibrcio's Pizzeria. How can we make you happy today? 🍕

There is still another type of automatic message, that of absence, made for when it is not possible to answer either by holiday or time to be set. That way the customer will know when to have an answer. Imagine that you really want something in an establishment, you send a message and no reply. Would it be much more practical if you knew the company is closed that day, isn't it?

To configure, go to Settings Company Settings Absence Message and activate the selector. Here you can define the recipients in the same way as the previous one, which changes the time: you can enable to always send, outside the opening hours (previously defined in the profile) and in scheduled time, to use in specific cases, such as holidays. .

Suggested Absence Messages:

  • Outside office hours: “Hello! Our opening hours from 18h to 23h, from Wednesday to Sunday. Unfortunately we won't be able to answer you right now. ”
  • For specific days, such as holidays: “This Christmas we are closed, but we will be back tomorrow with great deals. At l, have a Merry Christmas! ”

Important: Both greeting and away messages are sent if your phone is connected to the internet.

Distribution lists: use or not use?

The first thing you can not forget: only those who have your number saved in the directory will receive your message sent by a distribution list. If you understand and never forget it, have 100% effective lists. In other words, it's no use buying number lists or asking hundreds of customers to contact you if they don't put their number on the phonebook and agree to the call.

The suggestion is to address individually, and gradually, to each person, offering their service or product in an attractive and / or curious way. Remember: you need to spark interest in the first 20-30 characters, otherwise it will be another ignored message.

Another important point to make, taken straight from this WhatsApp page: “WhatsApp uses a combination of machine learning and user reporting to detect and ban accounts that send unwanted messages.” You may have already received an advertising message from someone who isn't. is in your contacts, and as soon as it opens you already have a "Report by Spam" option. Be afraid of this button.

And a tip from social media, using David Ogilvy's phrase: "If you want to be interesting be interested."

Understand what your customer would like to receive. Everyone already gets too much on WhatsApp; make your content (or promotion) relevant enough that you want to have it delivered daily / weekly. If not relevant, better not have. 😉

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Did you like it? Have different tips or any questions? Leave us comments!