WhatsApp brings news for group calls and video notifications

Now that the Whatsapp You have an official iOS testing program, it's much easier to “catch” news that comes up with the iPhone app. Recently, the WABetaInfo brought two of them that may soon appear on the smartphone closest to you.

New interface for group calls

Today, making a group call (audio or video) on WhatsApp is not the most intuitive task in the world. You initially need to call one of the contacts you want to talk to; Only when the call is started can you tap the button to add other people to the conversation. Well, not for long.

New interface for group calling in WhatsApp

In group chats, the call button will be accompanied by a “+” sign which, when pressed, will show the list of all group members who can participate in the call. You can select up to three of them (since the maximum number of people in one call is four) and start the call with everyone in the equation. Much better, isn't it?

Notification of videos in notifications

In addition, iOS users will soon be able to preview videos that receive a snippet of the uploaded content from the platform to be viewed by the message notification itself.

O WABetaInfo stated that the feature was being tested only in the beta version of the iOS app; According to blogger Carsten Knobloch, however, some users have already received the news in their final versions of the app as their wife, mentioned in tweet above. That is, it is very likely that we will all receive the video previews in the notifications very soon.

One more producer of stickers

We've given you an application tip here for you to create your own stickers for WhatsApp and now the WABetaInfo brought the indication of another app of this type, considerably more polished and with more refined features.

Sticker Maker Studio app icon

How Sticker Maker StudioYou can generate stickers by importing images from your gallery and cutting out the portion you want to keep just by “drawing” them with your fingers; the stickers The resulting files can be exported as PNG or WEBP files for use in WhatsApp or wherever you like, and in the app itself you create your sticker packs to send to the messenger.

The app is available for free on the App Store.